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NP Masters, Korean, Older Patients, Diabetes

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I have been privileged to care for many elderly patients, most of whom are Korean, like myself. Consequently, I have gone out of my way to learn as much as possible about the unique health challenges of the elderly. Particular respect and affection are accorded to the elderly in my culture, and I greatly enjoy this contact. I know the aging population is bringing new and significant challenges to nursing. I intend to begin my career in geriatric nursing to play a part in identifying and dealing with these challenges. I have also become increasingly aware of the need for primary health education to encourage the adoption of healthy lifestyles and diets, particularly in dealing with the increasing incidence of diabetes among Koreans. I hope to be especially active in the struggle against diabetes.

A love of art and a natural skill led me to study the subject and become a professional artist. While the work provided a degree of satisfaction, I became restless and dissatisfied, recalling an early resolution to 'make a difference with my life rather than merely a living.' Nursing had always been in the back of my mind as a career, and when the restlessness increased, I finally decided, in 2017, to ‘change direction.’ I qualified as a Certified Phlebotomy Technician as the first step into nursing and was employed as a Nurse Assistant/Phlebotomist for a year. This experience has confirmed my decision to pursue a career in Nursing. I now seek to acquire the higher skills and knowledge of a Nurse Practitioner working with underserved populations.

My initial exposure to health care was gained as a volunteer in a children’s hospital. Although I undertook fundamental duties, it allowed me to observe nurses doing their jobs and was very useful. I began to appreciate the characteristics of a good nurse, diligence, perseverance, time management, and, most importantly, excellent communication skills and the importance of a ‘holistic approach to the patient.

I have been trained to perform numerous tasks such as; assessing vitals, drawing blood, performing EKG, and many others. I have also learned that a bright smile and a squeezed hand can cure an anxious frown; I have learned to listen and empathize. I have learned to explain the purpose of the procedures I administer and gently reassure nervous patients. All this has provided a degree of satisfaction lacking in my work as an artist.

I seek a challenging but supportive academic environment, excellent facilities, and a prestigious teaching reputation. I am confident that XXXX is the right choice.

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