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Updated: Nov 17

I have been privileged to care for many elderly patients most of whom are Korean, like myself consequently I have learned the Korean for much medical terminology and regard this as an unusual and useful skill. Special respect and affection are accorded to the elderly in my culture and I greatly enjoy this contact. I am aware that the aging population is bringing new and significant challenges in the field of nursing and it is my intention to begin my career in geriatric nursing to play a part in identifying and dealing with these challenges. I have also become increasingly aware of the need for basic health education to encourage the adoption of healthy life-styles and diets particularly in dealing with the increasing incidence of diabetes among Koreans and I hope to be involved in this education in my future career.

A love of art and a natural skill in it, led me to study the subject and to becoming a professional artist. While the work provided a degree of satisfaction, I became restless and dissatisfied recalling an early resolution to ‘make a difference’ with my life rather than to merely make a living. Nursing had always been in the back of my mind as a career and, when the restlessness increased, I finally decided, in 2017, to ‘change direction’. I qualified as a Certified Phlebotomy Technician as a first step into nursing and have been employed as a Nurse Assistant/Phlebotomist for a year. This experience has totally confirmed in my decision to pursue a career in Nursing. I now seek to acquire the higher skills and knowledge to enable me to practice as a qualified nurse and, eventually, to become a Nurse Practitioner working with underserved aged populations.

My initial exposure to the field of health care was gained as a volunteer in a children’s hospital. Although I undertook very basic duties, it provided the opportunity to observe nurses doing their jobs and was very useful. I began to appreciate the characteristics displayed by a good nurse such as diligence, perseverance, time management and, most importantly, excellent communication skills and the importance of a ‘holistic approach’ to the patient.

I have been trained to perform numerous tasks such as; assessing vitals, drawing blood and performing EKG and many others but have also learned that a bright smile and a squeezed hand can cure an anxious frown, I have learned to empathize and to listen sympathetically. I have learned to explain, in simple terms the purpose of the procedures that I administer and to gently re-assure nervous patients. All this has provided a degree of satisfaction that was lacking in my work as an artist.

I am seeking a challenging but supportive academic environment, excellent facilities, a prestigious teaching reputation and faculty and an emphasis on the practical and, I am confident that XXXX fulfils all these criteria.

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