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Kenyan Applicants to Nursing School Personal Statement of Purpose Examples 

Kenyan Nurse Personal Statement Samples

Born and raised in Kenya, I permanently immigrated to the US in 1999. In addition to English, I speak Swahili and German and look forward to utilizing these languages as a nursing professional. I am enrolled in an MSN Degree Program at XXXX University, and I hope to begin your doctoral program at the University of XXXX in 2017. Read More

Becoming a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist has been my central professional goal for years, almost since I began my career in nursing. My vision of myself as a CRNA professional started in nursing school when we completed a research project on different specialties in advanced practice nursing. From then on, I focused my professional vision on becoming a CRNA, with lifelong education and 100% devotion to nursing. Over and above my classes, I began reading broadly about many issues related to becoming a CRNA, not just any CRNA, but one distinguished for their excellence. Read More

I feel strongly that I am at my optimal moment to begin studying for the DNP Degree and prepare myself for the real possible contribution to my society as a nursing professional. Originally from Africa, I like to think that my aspirations represent the hopes and dreams of nurses from Africa, generally speaking. XXXX University is my first choice among doctoral programs because of its excellent reputation. Read More

I have learned how the FNP’s role emerged in the 1960s from a shortage of medical provision, especially in rural areas of the country. I admire how a family nurse practitioner seeks to meet the healthcare needs of all age ranges within the family by providing health-related assessments, diagnoses, direct care and guidance, teaching or counseling where appropriate, and permanently emphasizing family self-care. I also appreciate how much of the FNP’s work is carried out autonomously but always in cooperation with the family’s primary care physician(s) and other healthcare professionals involved in patient care. FNPs work in the usual health provider settings of offices, clinics, or care centers, but they may also serve in schools, homes, workplaces, or hospitals as clients’ needs dictate. Read More

Kenyan Applicants to Nursing School Personal
Kenyan Applicants to Nursing School Personal
Kenyan Applicants to Nursing School Personal
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