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Updated: Jul 26

I earned my first Bachelors Degree in Public Administration at XXXX University (UXX) in 1999. Later, I would decide on a career change, giving my all to nursing. I am now in my last semester of the BSN Program at UXX, earning a 3.9 GPA while working full time in the Trauma Progressive Care Unit at the University of XXXX Health System. I hope to complete my education where it began, at UXX, by being accepted into your distinguished Master’s Degree Program in Nursing that will prepare me for a long and rewarding career as a Clinical Nurse Specialist with special training in Gerontology.

An African-American woman who was raised in some of LA’s most difficult neighborhoods, I feel fortunate to have become a nursing professional and keenly look forward to future opportunities of service in nursing and excelling in particular in the area of gerontology. I hope to contribute to research and publication in the future in the area of the special challenges faced by older members of minority groups, especially African Americans.

Both my humble origins and experiences as an active part of the US Air Force Reserves have inspired me to want very much to excel in the area of nursing care for the underserved, those members of our global society that are in the greatest need, with special attention to our geriatric populations. I look forward to going on medical missions for decades to come to wherever medical attention is most needed, especially in the aftermath of disasters. I feel strongly that my time spent with the Air Force Reserves will help to empower me to excel as a Clinical Nurse Specialist. My current position as a nurse in a Trauma PCU/IMU unit has come as a natural choice and I learn a great deal every day. I am a product of an underserved population and this has helped me to develop special awareness about the medical issues, challenges, and most of all hope that we have for serving them better. I have lived on the other side where I have witnessed who the American health care system fails or tends to overlook. I hope to serve as a role model to younger African American women in nursing, as someone who has spent 25 years in the Air Force Reserves, going on humanitarian tours and missions to Africa to attend to some of the most desperate medical needs on the planet. My volunteer and mission activities have helped me to further cultivate my special passion and enthusiasm for the care of the underserved, especially our elderly Veterans, disproportionately African-American and all too many of them homeless.

I hope to earn my graduate degree for a lifetime of struggle laboring to provide better health care for marginalized and vulnerable populations with a focus on special groups, particularly homeless veterans. My central long term objective is to provide clinical guidance on how to better meet the health care needs of elderly adults (today's baby boomers); in particular those who receive health care benefits through the Veteran's Affairs. My ideal position is to work in an acute-care setting where I would be able to provide not only direct patient care, but also guidance and mentoring to clinical nursing staff on how to improve our healthcare outcomes.

I thank you for considering my application.

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