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MSN, Military Nurse, FNP, Healthcare Mgmt.

Updated: Jan 16

I am applying to your distinguished program at XXXX University because I see it as the best fit for my elevated level of motivation and extensive professional responsibility. My nursing philosophy aligns with your program's mission concerning diversity and service to the underserved. I am a career soldier in the US military and an independent thinker and doer who completed her bachelor's in health care management online. At the same time, I excelled at my military duties. A lifelong learner with incredible drive and discipline, I have become an expert at making education my priority. My goal is to continue fully giving back to my community possible by promoting health and wellness as a Family Nurse Practitioner. John Wesley described my nursing philosophy best when he said: “Let me do all the good I can, to all the people I can, as often as I can, for I shall not pass through this way again.” 

FNP Master's Personal Statement Writing and Editing
Military Nurse to FNP Program Statement of Purpose Example

My professional drive to become a nurse began when I entered the military and worked at XXXX Army Health Clinic at XXXX, NM. Now that I have finished my BSN and have experience as an R, it is time to graduate school because I want to do more with my nursing abilities. I want to become a professional devotee of the nursing care model of health, providing education and preventive care, making diagnoses, and helping develop treatment plans, prescribing medication, ordering diagnostic tests, gathering medical histories, and performing physical exams. It is critically important that I give my all to helping provide care to diverse populations. The Army has helped me appreciate the importance of diversity over the years, especially in the nursing profession.

I have served as a member of the armed forces for the past 16 years, all in a health-related capacity. I earned my first undergraduate degree in Health Care Management in 2008 and then studied nursing, earning my BS in Nursing in 2012. Shortly after becoming an RN in 2012, I began my current position as an Army Medical-Surgical Nurse at XXXX Medical Center. I help attend to a wide variety of different co-morbid conditions. I now serve as a team leader for my shift, and this has profoundly inspired me, as never before, to give my all to nursing. I am at a point in my career where I have unprecedented maturity and the personal freedom to excel professionally; thus, I look forward to complete immersion in graduate studies in nursing. As a future FNP, I look forward to learning about the full range of models and methodologies in nursing care, education, and the nurse's role in preventive care. I also hope to continue building upon my interest in nursing care in response to natural disasters.

nursing personal statement writing and editing
Military Nurse Statement of Purpose

My desire to become an FNP stems from my inner motivation and passion for making a difference in patients’ lives.  I look forward to providing preventative care and empowering individuals to take charge of their health.  I have extensive experience as a medical assistant in the Army, and I have made great sacrifices to become a nurse. After becoming a commissioned officer in 2008, I had to take a cut in rank and pay to work as an RN, but this is what I love. Nothing fulfills me as much as advocating for patients, especially those in pain. Sometimes on my days off, I call up my patients discharged from the hospital to see how they feel. I thrive on consoling families in the last minutes of their loved ones' life; I even help them with funeral arrangements.

Thank you for considering my application to your distinguished program at XXXX University.


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