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MSN-FNP, ER Nurse, Cuban, Missions to Nicaragua, US Military

Updated: Jun 16

My application to your distinguished Master’s in Nursing Program at the University of XXXX is inspired primarily by my job as an ER nurse at the XXXX Medical Center. I began serving here shortly after finishing my BSN Degree in May 2012. Before that time, I spent more than a year working as an ER Technician. I believe that I have gravitated almost automatically towards service in the area of Emergency Medicine because of my extensive military experience as Hospital Corpsman with the US Navy, to which I gave my all for 6.5 years, from June 2002 through December 8. Serving my country at home and abroad, I was especially pleased to provide medical care to service members and underprivileged people in the area where I was assigned. I hope to distinguish myself in your program as an excellent student and someone who is especially sensitive to and concerned with the needs of the medically underserved.

I am Cuban American, born and raised in Florida, and my wife is from Nicaragua. Her family has adopted me as one of their own, and I am growing increasingly fond of her country. We hope to establish a primary care clinic in Nicaragua someday. I look forward to serving as a Family Nurse Practitioner for many decades, investing a lot of my energy in research geared toward creating public awareness programs concerning the prevention of cardiovascular disease, especially among Hispanics. In particular, I want to address how it is both culturally and economically driven.

I feel fortunate to have gotten to where I am in life, given that my grandmother was almost my only parent growing up, first absent, then in jail until I was 17. I barely got to know my mom as a child. My father came to see me only once and a great while.

There are many reasons I am choosing UXXX besides its excellent reputation. I have several personal contacts and friends who have studied in your program and took the time to share their marvelous experiences with me. Also, your rigorous, full-time program would allow me to complete 1/3 of the program with my GI bill scholarship left over from the military. Furthermore, I live close by and could spend more time studying and less driving. Finally, my wife is in her mid-30s and wants to have a baby, and I am telling her that I want to finish my Master’s first.

One of the greatest assets I hope to your program is my extensive experience in patient monitoring as part of a highly interdisciplinary team in Emergency Medicine since August 2012. I am fully immersed in that fine art of dealing with patients suffering from pain, stress, shock, and grief—managing and comforting their families. I have cared for patients in all categories in our Emergency Department, and I am skilled at intubations, defibrillations, autotransfusions, IV starts, A-line setups, splinting, suturing, etc. Often, my Spanish comes in handy. On some occasions, I have supervised LPNs and ER Technicians. I hope to continue to advance in cultivating my leadership skills, especially after completing your distinguished program at XXXX University.

Growing up on the move as a military child helped me appreciate diversity. In 2002, I would follow in my father’s footsteps and join the military, serving alongside Marines, Navy, Army, and Foreign military. I valued their health above my own for almost seven years for every patient I cared for. I have earned my undergraduate degree with distinction, and I am now ready for that next hill to climb, the next challenge, becoming an Advanced Practice Registered Nurse. My passion in life is to help others, and I know this program and degree will give me what I need to achieve my goal.  


Still, in my early thirties, I hope to become deeply involved later on in my career with medical missions and sustainable public health development in Nicaragua, my newly adopted country. For decades to come, as I labor in Central and North America, the Master’s Degree that I hope to earn at XXXX University will continue to inspire and empower me at every turn. I thank you for considering my application to your exceptional program.

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