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DNP Nurse Anesthesia, Military CRNA Samples

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XXXX University’s DNP program has a great reputation and that is the foremost reason why it is my first choice among DNP programs. I have made numerous friends over the years that graduated from the program. A CRNA for 18 years, I have long been accustomed to hearing good things about your program, particularly with respect to the quality of instruction and the individualized nature of faculty support. Retired from active duty in the military, I continue to serve as a Lieutenant Coronel in the Reserves. XXXX University is noted and appreciated by those of us in the military as an institution of higher learning that is especially supportive of our efforts.

I currently serve as the lead CRNA for Maternity Services at a large hospital in Charlotte, NC. Seeking to advance my civilian career in Nurse Anesthesia in this area, I hope to make a lasting and sustainable contribution to the advancement of care for pregnant patients and their babies, especially those that fall into at-risk categories for one reason or another. I want to do all that I can for as long as I can and will put my DNP Degree to work at the service of cutting-edge investigation into Nurse Anesthesia and quality of care of pregnant patients and their babies.

Administering Anesthesia as part of a forward surgical team in combat in Kirkuk, Iraq in 2004, will always be with me, leaving me breathing deeply very early on in my career, hoping it did not get any more challenging. Sixteen years later, I still find Nurse Anesthesia to be extremely exciting; it consumes me and fills me with joy. Now, I want to help lead the next generation of doctoral-level Nurse Anesthetists. Earning my own DNP will help me to completely revitalize and refresh my academic preparation, bringing it up to date and preparing me to make important contributions to research in the future and the advancement of our profession.

As a Lieutenant Colonel in the US Army Reserve, I provide anesthesia services to soldiers returning from combat that require life-saving and life-improving surgery. Currently, as part of the COVID response team at Womack Army Hospital, we take care of COVID patients that need surgery who are the recipients of life-saving measures in the form of endotracheal intubation with ventilator support and invasive line placement for critically ill patients. Earning the DNP will help me attain a more senior leadership position in the US Army Reserve. I am preparing to serve on Active Duty at Womack Army Hospital in support of Operation Enduring Freedom.

I have been teaching Nurse Anesthesia students since 2002, helping me to cultivate a great passion for Nurse Anesthesia education and I hope to teach in my area in the future. Nothing fills me with greater pride and gives me greater satisfaction than watching students achieve their goals through hard work and perseverance. My time in the US Army Reserve has given me the leadership skills necessary to lead large groups of people through complex environments. I leverage the skills of the people on my team to always make sure the mission is completed. A people person, I work well with everyone, other CRNAs, faculty, hospital and university administration.

My central professional focus in Nurse Anesthesia is contributing all that I can to an expansion of access to high quality of care for all pregnant women in North Carolina. I am disturbed at the great disparities that exist in this regard with respect to many women from minority groups, especially black and Latino, that make up a large part of the underserved, pregnant women in NC. The concerns that I have long held about racial disparities have recently been pulled into especially stark relief by COVID-19, with blacks and Latinos dying at twice the rate of white people. I want to contribute to reducing these disparities.

As the CRNA lead for maternity services at my hospital in Charlotte, I have observed an increased mortality rate resulting from post-partum hemorrhage that is especially notable among blacks and Latinos and I find this enormously disturbing. Nothing excites me more than the prospect of contributing to research in this and related areas so as to best address these kinds of disparities head on, working to improve outcomes across the board and for members of all ethnic groups.

On my hospital's in-house call team, I am frequently called in the middle of the night to go to the hospital if I am not there already. Cat napping has become a way of life. This has been especially true now for weeks as we had the enormous and added responsibility to use protective gear and all of what is entailed for doctor and patient alike. We engaged in extensive research to identify the best PP techniques and equipment and then followed up with ongoing drills to enhance and maintain proficiency – all on top of our normal duties.

I have participated in regular Zoom calls with our physician colleagues in New York City so that we can be sure we are utilizing best practices learned in real time. These efforts have decreased the mortality rates that we are seeing.

I thank you for considering my application to Nurse Anesthesia at XXXX.

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