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NM/WHNP, Nurse-Midwifery/Women’s Health

Updated: Jan 15

Now 33 years old, I am proud to have served my country in the US Navy and continue doing so in the Navy Reserves. Earning my BSN in Nursing and Public Health in December 2014 was another significant milestone. I am now prepared to advance in the career that I love. I feel strongly that continuing to graduate school in nursing and women’s health is the right thing for me to do. I am anxious to give my all to graduate studies at this point in my life where I find myself at liberty to do so, still single and without children, yet with the maturity and experience that will empower me to excellence. I ask for admission to XXXX University’s distinguished program to realize my long-term dream of becoming a nurse in the Air Force, serving thousands of women and girls worldwide who are part of our Air Force family.

I love the interaction with patients and, in addition to that, families, working together to resolve pressing issues and confront healthcare challenges. During clinical rotations, I assumed a leadership role with my colleagues regarding group projects and meetings, especially with clinical instructors. I made it my priority to motivate and encourage others to work towards meeting their goals as well. As a nursing student, I learned that clinical leadership is linked to providing patient quality care and ensuring optimal levels of job satisfaction for nursing staff. As a clinical leader, it is vital to know your role in effective decision-making, how to improve the performance of your clinical team and the quality of patient care, and how to contribute to other clinical teams across numerous professional boundaries or divisions.

My work with the Navy from 2012 forward has included providing guidance and counseling to new service members transferring into our unit. This part of my duties has always been special to me because of the chance to interact, have professional experiences person-to-person, and help those who often have serious issues or needs that could be resolved through effort and attention. Being in the Navy, my clinical rotations, and working in the home health care setting has helped me become a highly effective communicator and excel at collaboration and teamwork. I not only seek to become an advanced practice nursing professional but also an educator and a leader.

I have also worked as a Nurse’s Aide and Home Health Care Assistant. Thus, I have a solid foundation for graduate studies in Nursing. After completing your rigorous program at XXXX, I look forward to giving my all to the Air Force for another ten years, as an advanced practice nurse. I will provide primary healthcare to obstetric and gynecologic patients from menarche throughout their life cycle. I also look forward to performing comprehensive family planning counseling, cancer screening, STI care and procedures, and, when credentialed to do so, IUD insertion, colposcopy, and biopsies of the vulva, vagina, cervix, and endometrium—all ranging from practicing alone in a small clinic to serving in a large medical center. No point or moment has been any higher in my life than when I worked as a volunteer at the XXXX Hospital (April 2012 - May 2013). Much of my time was spent in the labor and delivery unit, and it is here where my passion for Women’s Health and childbirth took off. I first realized that in this area of nursing, I would like to make my primary professional contribution, especially in the long term, after retiring from the Air Force.

Still single and without children, I want to become a mother in the future. Studying women's health and childbirth and developing a lifelong specialization in this area will prepare me well for my time. The subsequent development of a lifelong profession in this area will prepare me well for when my time comes. Family and country are at the center of my world, and this sentiment is expressed in my passion for medical missions. I do not remember when I felt more important and honored than when I deployed to Haiti to provide support in the aftermath of the earthquake unless it was when I also offered support to the victims of Hurricane Katrina. I am considering participating in a medical mission to El Salvador to assist with establishing a woman's healthcare facility that would be adequately equipped and staffed to provide early detection capacity for breast and cervical cancer, the leading killers of women in that troubled country.

Completing your rigorous program at XXXX will make me a top candidate for the Air Force Scholarship Program, enabling me to attain my professional goal of serving in the Air Force as a WHNP and educating nursing students in the clinical setting. Providing care and managing other nurses at the same time will provide me with the optimal platform for making my contribution to the health and well-being of women and girls in our Air Force family.

My professional goals accurately reflect and honor XXXX University’s Mission Statement, and I thank you for considering my application.


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