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WHCNP, Certified Women’s Health Nursing

Updated: Jan 24

I have maintained a conceptual continuity in my academics and professional career for over two decades. My work has garnered me many proficiencies. I have been exposed to many surgical cases: ENT, GYN, GU, plastics, general, ortho, eyes, hands, oral, neuron, peripheral vascular, cardiovascular, podiatry, and special procedures. There were many instances in which I had been privileged to demonstrate my leadership abilities in managing nursing staff and proving my strengths in working within a multidisciplinary team. This work has kept me current in all aspects of patient care, kept my clinical acumen practiced, developing, and sure, expanded my capacity to successfully multi-task, and maintained my accuracy in patient history, charting, and other documentation and administrative areas.

Around the time that I started working for the XXXX Center for Reproductive Medicine, after a protracted fight for her life, I lost a very close friend to ovarian cancer. We were about the same age. It made me reassess things and question where I was going with my career. Was I going to keep on doing the same things in nursing? Or was I going to let her death have been in vain? The answer was a resounding ‘No.’ I resolved to pick up her fallen banner and set my feet on the path to helping women – mothers, wives, sisters, my friends – avoid, as much as possible, the eventuality of ovarian carcinomas, severe gene mutations, and other women’s health issues; preventable illnesses. I want to bring hope to those who believe genetics is a preordination. This is much more than simply advancing my career or wishing to diversify. This is about saving lives and practicing preventative medicine using the finest medical screening technology and testing processes at our disposal. What better way could a medical professional serve their community than to work at the beginning of the equation, to catch a disease before it manifests?

I look beyond simply the name and NIH research rankings of a school and examine the training program's breadth, volume, and autonomy. Having said this, though, XXXX College of Nursing has a reputation over a century in the making, and I find this incredibly inspiring. The XXXX School of Nursing has been in the media time and again, ranked as one of the finest graduate schools and hospitals in the United States.

The decision to go to XXXX online is mainly based on the fact that I am a mother. The convenience of XXXX online cannot be understated. I look forward to applying what I am learning in the workplace and my extensive and relevant experiences to the classrooms. I intend to attend XXXX full-time and manage my time well.

I look forward to my time at XXXX College of Nursing, sharing insights from my peri-operative nursing career. While I have touched many lives for the better during my time as an RN, I have truly loved my work and anticipate doing so much more as a WHNP, as this is where my passion, heart, and future lie.

Your time and consideration are greatly appreciated. I eagerly await a personal interview.

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