MSN, WHNP, Women's Health Nurse Practitioner, Personal Purpose Example

Updated: Jul 19

XXXX University’s Women's Health Nurse Practitioner Master of Science Program is for me the pinnacle of nursing education. I am currently studying towards the Master’s Degree online at XXXX University and I hope to transfer to XXXX on the basis of my strong performance so far as a graduate student in nursing.

A resident of Chicago since the age of 5, when we came to America, in 1995, from our native Poland. I enrolled at XXXX and completed approximately three years of full time undergraduate study (2003-2007) before I was forced to dropout for financial reasons related to my mother having a heart attack. Still very young and unsure of what I wanted to do for the rest of my life, I completed many courses with a focus on psychology, earning an overall GPA of 3.21.

By the time that I was in my third year at XXXX I knew that I wanted to become a nurse and began taking the prerequisites for a nursing career. After finding myself forced to drop out of XXXX, however, because we simply could no longer afford the tuition, I worked full time and took classes at a community college and then went on to complete my undergraduate degree in nursing at XXXX University. I could not feel more at home and inspired by the XXXX academic community and I hope to be awarded a second opportunity at XXXX, this time for the MSN.

Probably the biggest reason why I hope and pray to be accepted to XXXX is that fact that I want to devote my professional life to a focus on women’s health and XXXX does not offer this track. I also especially appreciate the way that XXXX facilitates the learning process by making it possible for students to pay special attention to the areas of nursing in which they are most interested and are most applicable to their career goals, and goes out of its way to find clinical sites for students. I also admire XXXX’s flexibility with some but not all courses online. In short, XXXX is the perfect platform for me to become the finest Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner that I can become under the hands-on guidance of some of the finest nursing professors in the world.

I have worked as a Nurse Clinician II since 08/2014 and was selected as the employee of the month on my floor at the beginning of this year - a surgical floor with a heavy emphasis on gynecological patients. This sustained, day-to-day contact with women’s health issues has progressively enhanced my drive to specialize and distinguish myself in this area. We have some pregnant patients that are not at high risk for delivery yet but do have some medical problem and some patients that have a fetal demise. I just accepted a labor and delivery position which I will begin on the 24th of May and could not be more excited to begin.

I went to the Philippines for three weeks in support of a medical mission, working with doctors, surgeons, surgical staff, and nurses to attend to over 4,000 patients. We went to villages and set up clinics to assist people who did not have access to medical care. I shadowed and assisted Operating Room nurses, PACU nurses, and CRNAs during surgery. These were the fullest, happiest, and most satisfying days of my life to date – leaving me very hungry for further mission work in the future. I am not only bilingual English/Polish, but I also have a rapidly developing conversational ability in Spanish. I could not be more pleased at my progress in this language because I tend to see it as the language of the underserved, which is more and more the case, particularly in Chicago. I volunteer every year for an MDA camp in June and have been doing so for the past 4 years, for children with muscular dystrophy.

I began XXXX College of Nursing in Chicago in 2012, attending all of my nursing courses onsite in Chicago. I was elected Vice President of the student government association and volunteered at health fairs and attended walks such as the Breast Cancer Susan G. Komen Walk and the Muscular Dystrophy Association Walk. I have grown enormously over the past couple of years as both a nurse and a human being. I was very driven and focused in nursing school and graduated in 2014 as valedictorian with Magna Cum Laude Honors and a cumulative G.P.A. of 3.76. I am currently working at XXXX Hospital in Chicago on a medical surgical floor. I come to work every day eager to learn and help my patients. I love my chosen profession and cannot imagine doing anything else.

Thank you for considering my application.

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