CRNA, Master’s Nurse Anesthesia, African-American

Updated: Jul 19

The University of XXXX is my first choice for graduate school because I feel strongly that I am the best fit for your Master’s in Nurse Anesthesia Program as a result of my educational and clinical background. Motivated, determined, and resilient, I am an African-American woman for whom life has been a struggle and nursing my principal salvation, providing me with great joy, dignity, and growing love and appreciation for the art of patient care. I have a strong educational foundation in the sciences coupled to highly developed leadership skills - having served as unit preceptor and charge nurse - in our high acuity ICU at XXXX University Hospital. I also have experience as a Pharmacy Technician and a great passion for pharmacology.

An African American woman originally from Jackson, Michigan, an area with particularly high teen pregnancy rates, especially for black girls, I escaped to Minneapolis, MN where I moved in with an elder sister. I was doing well at the University of XXXX until my mom was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma. I had no choice but to keep working full time and my grades took a hit. I transferred to the University of XXXX to be closer to my mother during her cancer battle and completed my first degree in Biological Sciences, finally graduating in 2011 with a 3.0 GPA. I then relocated to Indiana and worked for a year before beginning the Accelerated Nursing Program at XXXX University School of Nursing, graduating with a 3.729 GPA in August of 2014. I was excited to start my career and soon began my current position at XXXX University Hospital as a Critical Care Nurse in the Medical Intensive Care Unit. Previously, I completed my internship in this hospital in the Transplant Intensive Care Unit. My continuous learning as a Critical Care Nurse is what I value the most. I have taken several courses offered at my hospital in areas such as advanced hemodynamic, rotoprone, continuous renal replacement therapy etc., and I have sought out shadow opportunities with our CRNAs as well as attending a Diversity CRNA information session and airway simulation lab workshop at the University of XXXX where I became better acquainted with your program.

XXXX University Hospital is both an academic teaching hospital and a regional transfer center, thus providing me with the opportunity to care for a broad variety of critically ill patients, constantly refining my thinking skills in often life-threatening conditions. Due to the level of patient acuity on our unit, many procedures are performed directly at the bedside, helping me to better understand the pathophysiology of patient conditions and how to best advocate for my patients. 80% of our patients are mechanically ventilated and I am already a master at ventilator assessment and blood gas interpretation/analysis, helping to anticipate the need for interventions. Especially as a result of my experience working as a Pharmacy Technician, I have been learning a lot about pharmacology for years, especially drug interactions and the effects of medications on the body. Now, caring for many shock patients, for example, I am responsible for titrating vasoactive medications.

My central professional goals include completing a DNP Degree after gaining several years of additional experience as a CRNA and serving as a preceptor for Nurse Anesthesia students and as a mentor for a Diversity CRNA mentorship program. I also look forward to going on missions to the Developing World in support of surgeons, especially in the wake of disasters and war. In the short-term, I ask for the opportunity to prove myself in your program at UXX because I could not be more highly motivated to excellence as a nursing student. Nurse Anesthesia at UXX offers me the richest clinical experience possible and the opportunity to become a part of extremely challenging cases without having to compete with anesthesiology residents. I appreciate the fact that your primary clinical site is a level one trauma center/teaching facility, which will provide me with intensive exposure to high level acuity cases. Furthermore, UXX has a high pass rate, scoring above the national average. The amount of clinical hours that UXX anesthesia students receive is also higher than the national average, bolstering still further my confidence that UXX is the best program to prepare me to become a highly trained provider.

Finally, I love the fact that UXX places an emphasis on diversity and offers a “Diversity and Ethical Issues in Advanced Practice” course, as it’s imperative to me to be a culturally competent healthcare provider, especially as the country is becoming more and more diverse and our profession more and more aware of the importance of culturally sensitive care. I want to be a part of the way in which cultural competence helps to improve healthcare outcomes and quality of care, and I am looking forward to increasing my knowledge and training about the social determinants of health as they relate to anesthesia.

I thank you for considering my application.

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