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DNP Goals, Caribbean, Reproductive Health

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The University of XXXX is my first choice among DNP programs for various reasons, especially because of my profound admiration for your curriculum's comprehensive and diverse content. A dedicated nursing professional and a Haitian-American woman, I plan to return to Haiti as a nursing professional periodically after earning my doctoral degree. Born in Haiti and raised in North Carolina, I am not yet fully fluent in Creole, only able to speak the basics. Thus, I am in the process of recovering and perfecting my language skill in Creole and hope to be speaking it fluently by the time I earn my DNP Degree.

I have been a nurse in a rehabilitation hospital for the past two years. I have also worked in the area of home health nursing. One of my highlights was receiving the Spirit Award for outstanding patient care. When I am not working, I give my all at local homeless shelters, a women’s shelter, a private midwife clinic, and Habitat for Humanity. I often travel back to Haiti, St. Croix, Jamaica, Dominican Republic, Cuba, Costa Rica, and the Bahamas. I lived for six months in Antigua and visited Germany and Spain.

The infant mortality rate in Haiti is 59 out of 1000, which is the worst in the Western Hemisphere. I dream of opening a clinic in the small town where I was born, Milot, Haiti, where I came into the world as a newborn at risk, fortunate to survive given Haiti's dismal state of health care. Little-to-no special assistance is available for pregnant women, especially in rural areas and villages, even when they give birth. I cannot imagine any more natural calling than serving and doing research in Haiti as a DNP, saving lives, not only of babies but also their mothers – and for generations to come.

I envision most of my plans for Haiti unfolding later in my career; however, I may end up an older woman in Milot, nursing patients until I fall over one day myself. As a young woman, I look forward to several decades of service here in the USA and perhaps being employed professionally abroad since I love to travel and explore. Most of all, I want to devote myself to my patients, giving them the best part of each day and helping them to feel more like a person than a number, providing them with loving and thoughtful attention, and putting my heart and soul into my work each day that I serve. I also look forward to continuing to help special needs groups here in the USA, the homeless, victims of domestic violence, etc.

Completing your DNP Program at the University of XXXX would be a dream. I look forward to learning as much as possible about all aspects of nursing on an international and local level and gaining exposure to various medical situations and current and traditional challenges in nursing. I want to care for mothers and fathers, helping them have healthy babies that turn into healthy children and, later, healthy adults. I am primarily engaged with the controversial issues surrounding the vaccinations of newborns and infants and the compassionate and critical role played by the nurse in helping the parents make the right decision and fully understand and feel good about that decision.

Thank you for considering my application.

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