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DNP Nurse Anesthesia, Haitian Community

Updated: Jan 15

I hope to contribute to the diversity of your distinguished Doctor of Nurse Anesthesia Practice Program at XXXX University as a Haitian woman; and someone who was groomed from infancy for a career in health care. My background also gives me an excellent opportunity to assist some of the neediest people in the world since I am from the most impoverished land in America, Haiti. My father, who has since passed, will always be my foremost role model. A physician, he gave his life to the practice of medicine, with the Maranatha Evangelical Mission, based primarily in our hometown of Gonaives, Haiti. He could not have been happier when I announced my decision to become a nurse. Now, looking down on me from above, I am sure that my father is equally pleased with my dedication to the goal of becoming a CRNA and graduating with a terminal degree in my field. My family and I continue my father’s mission in Haiti by donating what we can in time and money to Maranatha, helping with health care, an elementary school, and food relief.

DNP Nurse Anesthesia, Haitian Community
DNP Personal Statement Example

After finishing my BS in Nursing at Keiser University in 2015, I earned my AS, and now have six years of nursing experience, with the three most recent years in the ICU. Taking care of the critically ill daily for an extended period has made me adept at managing life-threatening emergencies, always thinking on my feet about the patient’s interests and autonomy weighing heavily on y mind. I can collaborate with the interdisciplinary team to guide patient care, monitor/manage patient vitals, ensure patients are hemodynamically stable, assist with bedside procedures, manage patients on life support, and respond to rapid response or code blue, to name a few of the tasks completed by daily. I understand the importance of excellent client care and am incredibly comfortable communicating with a culturally diverse patient population. I plan always to stay actively involved in patient-focused care in a versatile acute-care setting.

DNP Nurse Anesthesia, Haitian Community
DNP Personal Statement Samples

I am passionate about nursing, and I realize that critical patient care requires a solid foundation in nursing skills and techniques and prioritization of care. These skills, coupled with my compassion, patience, patient advocacy, and leadership abilities, will enable me to excel as a CRNA leader at the service of a very critically ill patient population. Serving at the patients’ bedside over the years and getting to know so many patients and their families has helped me appreciate the profound difference that can be realized by health education in disease prevention. I also keenly look forward to returning to Haiti on numerous occasions in the future as part of medical missions. I look forward to helping Haiti’s healthcare community grow and advance in their practices to provide better care resulting in greater longevity. After completing your program and becoming a CRNA, I hope to form part of a trauma team, managing patient airways with intubation & ventilators, assessing patient care, and administering anesthesia medications - before, during, and after procedures.

I appreciate your time reviewing my application, and I thank you for your consideration.


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