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FNP Goal Statement, Bilingual Cuban, Miami

Updated: May 11

Now 35, I was born and raised in Cuba and came to Miami in 2001. A very dedicated and hardworking nurse who takes great pride in my ongoing, lifetime cultivation of compassion in Nursing, I seek advancement in my career and could not be more pleased that there is a special need for bilingual English/Spanish Family Nurse Practitioners, since this is my calling.

My first choice for graduate school in Nursing, in order to receive the finest preparation possible for a distinguished career as an FNP, is the University of XXXX. I appreciate the vast breadth and depth of your curriculum, high ranking on a national level, and the innovative research undertaken by your faculty. Having the opportunity to take full advantage of the rigors of your program will result in my being in the optimal position to continue to advance professionally, especially in terms of international public health nursing, learning about nursing in global terms and continuing to form bonds with associations and organizations for research and development on global health issues.

I like to think that I decided to become a nurse because of the empathy that I feel for sick people, and the difference we as nurses can make in their lives. My mother died of a heart attack when I was 10 years old. A heavy smoker who did not always have the money to buy her high-blood-pressure medicine, life was a struggle for me, before and after her death. Face to face with such agony before I even entered adolescence taught me resilience in the face of suffering; and this experience will continue to provide me with strength to help others throughout the course of my lifetime.

I love teaching patients about correct lifestyle choices to protect, enhance, and preserve their well-being. I use Spanish every day in the workplace since such a great percentage of our patients in Miami speak Spanish as their first language. I appreciate how there is not only a shortage of bilingual English/Spanish nurses, but even physicians, resulting in great need for well-trained bilingual Spanish/English healthcare providers. This will provide me with enormous opportunity for service to the underserved, in particular, as an FNP, attending to sick people who might otherwise have to wait weeks or even months to be seen by a physician.

I look forward to many decades to come of distinguished service as an FNP, putting my medical knowledge to good use alongside my diagnostic ability, coupled to prescriptive authority. I will always maintain a primary focus on patient education concerning disease management and lifestyle modifications that are tailored to the unique challenges, strengths, and resources that are available for each patient’s care and the prevention of disease. I look forward to helping patients with chronic diseases, in particular, since education is so critical to disease management, to prevent further exacerbation of the disease in question.

If I could only help 1 person a day to achieve an important and lasting change in lifestyle that helped them to become healthier, then my day would be complete and I would feel fulfilled. I persevere. Family issues resulted in my earning a low GPA in my first year of college, for example, but I went on to graduate Summa Cum Laude because of the level of my commitment. I celebrate diversity and have a passion for studying health disparities that affect the South Florida community, in particular, most of all sexually transmitted diseases. In addition to Cuba, I have also spent significant amounts of time in Morocco, Jamaica, Mexico, and Canada, further enhancing my appreciation for diversity.

I thank you for considering my application to the Family Nurse Practitioner Program at the University of XXXX.

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