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DNP Psychiatric Nursing, PTSD, Schizophrenia

Updated: Jan 15

Originally from India, I am a nurse who has made her home here in America since 2004, coming to the USA due to my marriage. I now have a solid clinical background in psychiatric nursing, working with all age groups of patients for the past seven years. For the past three years, I have worked as a psychiatric NP with adults and developed a particular interest in and passion for our senior population. I love constantly updating my knowledge and applying evidence-based treatment in my daily practice. I have a lot of energy and creativity to give to working towards my maximum contribution to nursing in terms of research and nursing practice. After earning the DNP Degree at XXXX University, I look forward to many decades of exceptional service to and research concerning both perinatal and geriatric populations.

DNP Psychiatric Nursing, PTSD, Schizophrenia
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I see my great passion and concern for mental health issues as rooted in my experience of being born and raised in India, where there are a lot of stigmas associated with mental illness, so much so that it is hidden away or swept under the rug, especially historically, to the extent to which it was possible to do so. This has always bothered me and stays with me today. Even though most people in India are educated, negative stereotypes about the mentally ill continue to be widespread, if not the norm. Thus, I am especially highly motivated to serve at the front lines of community education, both here in America and back home in India, about the importance of seeking professional help for those who suffer from mental health concerns and issues. I look forward to reaching out to young mothers suffering from postpartum depression, particularly helping them more fully express themselves and encouraging them to seek help. I want to see every new mother thoroughly enjoying her little bundle of joy. My short-term goal is to earn the DNP Degree through XXXX University to increasingly become better at what I presently do, caring for patients as a psychiatric NP.

It is my dream to also teach nursing part-time at some point in my career after completing my doctoral studies, sharing my knowledge and experience with the nurses who will face future challenges. I look forward to distinguishing myself as a graduate student in your program and beyond in mental health issues for women of childbearing age, especially in perinatal cases. Entirely dedicated to lifelong learning and interdisciplinary exploration, I increasingly read literature concerned with substance abuse. I anticipate this will continue since I want to focus primarily on the poor's challenges. While substance abuse cuts across all economic and social classes, substance abuse issues present unique challenges for people with few resources. Substance abusers - and their children - of low financial status are vulnerable and warrant special attention and care. I also have a particular interest in and engagement with the subject of schizophrenia.

DNP Psychiatric Nursing, PTSD, Schizophrenia
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I chose my nursing environment, where I currently serve members of minority and underserved populations primarily. I enjoy the challenge and feel passionate about the cause of helping immigrants to deal with multiple psychosocial stressors and adjustment issues. For example, I have several clients from Pakistan and Afghanistan who are victims of terrorism and have PTSD. Many of my clients are here seeking refugee asylum. I am a perfect fit with your program at XXXX since your mission is to develop leaders in nursing who will be able to make significant contributions to global health needs, especially the needs of the underserved.

Thank you for your consideration of my application.


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