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Updated: Jan 27

Your distinguished MSN Program at XXXX University is my first choice for graduate study to become a nurse practitioner because I want to attend a school with a solid spiritual foundation and ethos. My dedication to nursing as a spiritual activity, healing, and expression of love for one’s community and fellow man was reinforced by the recent loss of my mother to pancreatic cancer and how our pastor helped us. I now appreciate to a fuller degree how nursing care can benefit from spirituality and how my spirituality makes me a more caring and attentive nurse, especially in my area, hospice.

My wife and two children are my support base for nursing school and will help me succeed; all of us pulling together keeps me highly motivated. I crave providing higher care to my hospice patients and better supporting their family members. I want to spend the rest of my life improving my ability to serve in hospice as an FNP family nurse practitioner. I started professionally as a graphic designer, but a friend of mine was a registered nurse and planted the seed in my mind about pursuing a career in nursing; soon, I was giving my all to my studies for the BSN. I hit the ground running and have never stopped, completing the prerequisites with an above-average GPA; when I found myself in nursing clinical, I realized I had made the correct decision.

After graduation in 2010, I began working as a floor nurse. It was not long before I was promoted to charge nurse, responsible for the overall well-being of 64 patients and overseeing the management of the floor nurses and CNAs.  In this position, I could compare notes with many nurses who had already obtained their Master’s Degrees, working closely with the nurse practitioner and medical director. In this period, I realized that my special gift and passion lie in the care of older adults.  Heidi, the nurse practitioner, piqued my interest in going to graduate school and answered my questions with great patience and enthusiasm. After further reflection and research, I concluded that studying mainly online would not be for me since I thrive on face-to-face interaction.

The following year I accepted a position with XXXX Hospice, my current employer. Here, I have built a special rapport with the NP, encouraging me to return to school to become a nurse practitioner. I firmly believe that XXXU will provide me with the knowledge and experience needed to serve others by utilizing the Christian beliefs the university stands behind. I have grown enormously as a nurse and a human being serving in the hospice over the past two years. I also note that XXU has a doctoral program in nursing practice that interests me very much for further down the road, as I am dedicated to lifelong learning. I hope to feed my passion for geriatrics and hospice for many decades, devoting much of my professional life to research.

I often see patients pass away in pain even though we have given them all the medications we could give them. I seek to make my mark in this area as the nurse’s contribution to death with dignity, over, above, and beyond anesthesia. I want to be part of the never-ending search for alternate methods to assist dying people so they may pass comfortably.

Your emphasis at XXU on the importance of spirituality is central to my strategy. I feel strongly that your program is the optimal springboard for the preparation of a hospice nurse practitioner who will be able to make his maximum contribution to the team, standing alongside the social workers and bereavement counselors in search of an even smoother, more fulfilling passage forward to where we are all going sooner or later.

I thank you for considering my application to your program.

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