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MSN, Master Nursing, FNP African American

Updated: Jan 16

We are pulling ourselves up with our bootstraps as a family. A young African American woman, I am the oldest of four children born to a single mother. I focus much more on the merits of learning responsibility while growing up as an assistant mother and child than I do on lost innocence. Born and raised in Cincinnati, I earned my BSN in 2004 from XXXX University. More recently, I returned to school to fully prepare for your program and completed several graduate-level courses in my field. I now feel strongly that I am at my optimal level of maturity and have an enormous drive to excel as a full-time graduate student bound for the MSN degree at XXXX.

writing personal statement for family nurse practitioner
FNP Personal Statement Samples

I had my heart set on becoming a Family Nurse Practitioner long before studying nursing in college. I look forward to researching healthcare disparities related to race, lower socioeconomic status, and environmental stressors. After graduating from your program, I want to continue working in a teaching hospital for my first five years as a Family Nurse Practitioner. This will allow me to build my practical foundation and skill set. Over time, I want to increasingly dedicate my professional energies to helping provide targeted healthcare programs for our underserved populations in inner-city settings. I also dream of continuing my studies at some point, building upon research in your schedule so I might someday experience the joys of teaching.

I plan to continue to loyally serve in my present position as a Link Nurse for my unit and serve on our educational committee for the short term. I am improving my Spanish, primarily in oral communication, which is critically important in many urban healthcare settings. I also prioritize volunteer work, and I have invested long hours at several shelters for victims of domestic violence. I was also very involved in getting people registered to vote. These experiences have underscored my conviction that meeting our patients’ needs can often involve such basic things as shelter, clothing, food, family dynamics, and health issues. In the low-income areas where I work, we see increases in non-compliance and high levels of repeat admissions. Many patients do not have insurance and tend to stop taking their medication. They just come through the Emergency Room door. My deep and abiding chagrin at this inefficiency and the human toll has motivated me to want to advance as a nursing professional and stay very engaged in fixing a primarily broken system.

writing personal statement for family nurse practitioner
FNP Statement of Purpose Examples

I have worked as a Public Health Nurse with the Bureau for Children with Medical Handicaps Program, providing home visits to at-risk families. I offered early identification and recommendations for children with potentially handicapping conditions. I saw myself as the child’s advocate and found enormous satisfaction in coordinating their services. My unique qualities include integrity, compassion, and nursing and patient care dedication. The most significant contribution I could make to society would be to serve as an advocate or voice for at-risk youth by using my influence and education as a nurse to help make their lives a little less dangerous. I want to help other women and would like to start a non-profit organization to help victims of domestic violence. At some point, I would also like to research the needs of teen mothers in our inner cities.

I seek a complete professional and volunteer service interwoven with the quest to provide adequate preventative education and community resources. I hope to inspire women to follow their educational dreams while encouraging them as parents. I want to empower women by helping them complete and further their education and achieve financial security and independence while promoting healthy lifestyles/habits for them and their children.

By demonstrating the importance of education, proper nutrition, healthy behavior, and preventative healthcare measures, these women will, in turn, educate their children and contribute to long-term social stability and justice. Once I am a Family Nurse Practitioner, I will have the authority and resources to complete physicals and referrals for a patient population that, for many reasons, may not otherwise have access to a qualified healthcare provider.


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