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Where to Earn the MSN, Top Online Programs

Updated: Jan 14

MSN Programs Online Personal Statement Writing and Editing Service
MSN Programs Online

Where should you pursue a master's in nursing? It is the next level of a nursing career, and you will progress and access more job opportunities that pay more. According to Nursing Process, the average annual salary for an MSN degree holder starts at $70,000 and with a series of experience, it grows to $114,000. The BOS reports that the employment rate for certain fields in Nursing will grow by 40% percent in the coming years. Many if not most students study online these days. Here is a look at three of the industry leaders.

Purdue University focuses on providing clinical experience, and they have gradually expanded their curriculum to include an increasing number of specialty tracks. You would need to meet your general requirements, have a bachelor's degree, a current RN license, and submit your official transcript. You must also have a minimum GPA of 2.5 and agree to an approved criminal background check. How much does Purdue cost? Well, the cost per credit hour here is 120. Considering that most students graduate in two years, the final cost will be around $37,800, but you can significantly lower tuition by transferring up to forty-five credit hours or applying for any of the Student Loans or grants.

Ohio State University ranks first in the US News list of best online master’s in nursing programs and offers four specialized tracks. If you choose one of these options, Clinical Nurse Leader, Neonatal Nurse Practitioner, or Mental Health Nurse Practitioner, you will not have to visit campus at all, but if you choose any of the remaining specializations, you will need to visit Purdue up to three times to complete practical exercises. To apply, you will need to hold a BSN with a minimum GPA of 3.0, hold an active license, and submit a personal statement, your resume, and three letters of recommendation. Tuition costs 920 per credit hour, but if we add other fees, an MSN at Ohio State University costs around $53,000.

MSN Programs Online Personal Statement Examples
MSN Programs Online

Finally, we have Walden University, which offers two unique options for completing the Master of Science in Nursing degree: the traditional course-based format and the competency-based program. With the standard course-based learning method, you will receive your education through lectures, readings, and assignments, delivered in a structured format. Alternatively, the competency-based program allows you to schedule how you progress through the class. You receive all the learning material and the final due date and have until then to demonstrate your mastery of the content. Whatever learning style suits you best, Walden makes it possible for you to achieve your educational goals. Walden's MSN competency-based program allows you to coordinate yourself. To enroll you will need a BSN degree with a valid RN license. Submit an online application and your transcripts. How much you will have to pay depends on your specialization, but costs per credit hour range from 450 to $725.

For all these programs, you will need a Personal Statement. would be honored to help.

Where to Earn the MSN, Top Online Programs


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