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Adult Gerontology Acute Care, Mostly Online Masters, Grew up in Oaxaca, MX

Updated: May 11

The Adult Gerontology Acute Care Nurse Practitioner Masters of Science in Nursing at the University of XXXX at Columbia is my first choice for graduate school and I hope to begin,this coming summer 2020. I live in XXXX, SC, and serve as a nurse in the Neuroscience ICU at XXXX Health as well as traveling around to surrounding areas. I want to specialize in the area of Adult Gerontology Acute Care because of the profound sense of fulfillment that I feel when caring for my adult, acutely ill patients in particular. I like very much the fact that UXX at XXXX is close to home, even though most of the program is online.

I feel that I am a strong candidate for your program as a fully multilingual and multicultural Mexican-American nurse for whom caring for others has always been central to my life. I grew up in a small town in the state of Oaxaca, México. Oaxaca is one of the Mexican states with the highest number of indigenous people like myself. Both of my parents speak Mixteco as their first language; and it is the language of the family on those rare occasions when we are all together. My mother, still in Mexico, does not speak Spanish and my father in the USA does not speak English even though he is now a citizen. Thus, I have long served as a communication center for my family.

My older sister studied nursing in Oaxaca city. Our family was struck by tragedy, however, when she became ill in 2005 with a rare and complex disease that at first alluded a diagnosis. This was my introduction to health care, at the age of 13, going with my sister to the hospital, and translating everything back to my parents in Mixteco. Despite the best of our efforts, my sister passed away in 2009. I had followed my father to the USA and became a permanent resident in 2007. My mother and other members of our family still live in a small town called San Juan Mixtepec, Oaxaca, México. Thus, I look forward to contributing to the diversity of your MSN Program at the University of XXXX, as a Mexican person, a Latina, and also as a native-American.

My sister’s illness was terrifying, especially the way that it progressed so rapidly and we did not even know what it was. W,e consulted with numerous doctors, including a neurologist, a cardiologist and an endocrinologist. Each gave a different diagnosis related to their areas of expertise. I was confused; we both were very scared. Various surgical options were offered to her including pituitary tumor recession, open heart surgery, lobectomy and kidney transplant. From 13 to 15 years old, I studied alongside of my sister, seeking to arrive at a diagnosis and we decided that all of the evidence pointed towards Cushing’s Syndrome, a fairly common and treatable condition, which my sister would never recover from and would be dead within a few years.

She became severely depressed and attempted to commit suicide several times. Leaving my sister and coming to America after my permanent residency was approved by the USA and hers was not, was the hardest thing that I have ever done.

One morning during my senior year in High school, I received a call. from my aunt telling me that my sister had passed away. I was completely devastated. My best friend was gone. Everything was a blur but that next morning I was on a flight to Mexico to say my goodbye as best I could. Then I came home and went right back to school. This experience made me mature and serious for my age, and I buried myself in my studies with the goal of becoming a nurse, helping others get through many of the hardest times in their lives. I put myself through college working full time, and I now give every inch of myself to nursing and helping my community. I have seen the stress that acute illness bring to patients and families. And I’m also fully aware of the stress cause by language barrier. I want to become an adult gerontology acute nurse practitioner to help provide care of acutely ill patients and their families. Being fully bilingual I look forward to practicing nursing in both of my languages.

Fully devoted to lifelong education, I plan to always continue improving and advancing my career in Nursing. Currently an active member of the American Nurses Association, the XX Nurses Association, and. the Critical Care Nurses Association, I am. working on my certification in Critical Care and I have 4 years of bedside experience in our Neuroscience ICU and have served as a preceptor for new nurses. I always remind myself of why I choose this career and constantly strive to improve the care that I give to my patients.

I thank you for your consideration of my application to the University of XXXX at XXXX.

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