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Beware of Fake Nursing Diplomas in Florida

Updated: Jan 14

In the sunny state of Florida, renowned for its vibrant beaches and bustling cities, a scandal unfolded that shook the foundations of the nursing profession. Several nursing schools had become embroiled in a vast network of deceit, operating a nefarious scheme involving fake nursing diplomas. This is the story of how the truth emerged, the perpetrators were exposed, and justice prevailed. Nursing News is dedicated to bringing this story to light, and to sharing news and updates from the nursing profession. We keep up with the latest developments in the field and strive to bring you the most accurate and unbiased news from around the world. Our mission is to provide nurses with the information they need to stay informed and to make sure that no one ever must go through the fraud that occurred in Florida.

FNP, DNPMSN ,BSN, diplomas
Beware of Fake Nursing Degrees in Florida

The nursing schools in question appeared legitimate, boasting impressive facilities and promising students a bright future in healthcare. Little did the aspiring nurses know that these institutions were simply hollow shells, designed to exploit their dreams and drain their resources.

The investigation began when revelations were made that some schools had been selling thousands of fake nursing diplomas and this information triggered a chain of events that would expose the depths of this fraudulent operation. Law enforcement agencies swiftly launched a comprehensive inquiry to uncover the truth and put an end to the charade as this has turned into a multi-million-dollar industry.

The schools, under different names, flew under the radar for years, exploiting aspiring nurses and tarnishing the reputation of the entire profession. Arrests were made for about two dozen people in Operation Nightingale with federal warrants issued, mostly in Florida, related to the Sacred Heart Institute, Siena College of Health, and the Palm Beach School of Nursing.

FNP, DNPMSN ,BSN, diplomas
Beware of Fake Nursing Degrees in Florida

Nursing News is an independent news source dedicated to bringing accurate and up-to-date information about the nursing profession. Through our investigative journalism, we uncover any unethical or illegal practices that are taking place in the field of nursing. Recently, our team uncovered an alarming swindle involving fake nursing degrees. Federal investigators also discovered that from 2016 – 2021, more than seven thousand students obtained fake degrees/diplomas with each of them paying out about $15000 which amounted to about 114 million dollars. More disturbing is that about 2300 of these people are using these fake degrees to practice nursing presently.

The Department of Justice cites the potential for a loss of trust by the public in the nation’s health industry. The FBI says that the list of those people had been given to each state board for them to decide what action to take against those involved. Punishments such as disqualification of licenses have been mentioned as well as pressing charges against those who issued the licenses.

Through our website, our readers can stay informed on any news related to the nursing profession and get the latest updates on any frauds taking place. We strive to ensure the integrity of nursing and provide the latest news to keep our readers informed.

Nursing News is an online portal dedicated to bringing the latest news and updates from the world of nursing. We strive to provide comprehensive and accurate information from all over the world, enabling nurses to stay informed about the latest developments in the field.

Our team of expert journalists is passionate about upholding the highest standards of journalism, and we are committed to providing trustworthy and unbiased coverage. We are also dedicated to advocating for the rights and protection of nurses, by keeping a watchful eye over the actions of government and industry bodies.


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