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Updated: Jan 27

I am a nurse of mixed Indian and Mexican heritage, born and raised in California. I hold Bachelor’s degrees in Spanish and English. I speak English, Spanish, and a little French; I am currently learning Malayalam, a language spoken in south India. I am trained as a Water Safety Instructor.

From an early age, I spent time in hospitals visiting my younger brother, who suffered from diabetes and was frequently hospitalized, and my mother suffered from kidney problems. Young as I was, I recognized that some of the nurses, though efficient, were merely doing a job, but others were doing something more. Some nursing staff took a little time to show personal kindness towards patients and visitors and seemed to understand how we were feeling and how much a friendly word and a smile meant to us. I want to become one of the ‘smiling’ nurses who will never forget what it was like to be a little child taking in the strange and slightly frightening environment of a hospital.

I have experience working to improve the lives of South Asians, serving with a non-profit company called the Sri Lankan Trade and Information Office, currently dedicated to building hospitals in the areas most affected by the recent civil war. I have gained an insight into the problems of providing healthcare and health education in impoverished areas. I am grateful for the privilege of assisting in improving this situation.  

I am a volunteer Clinical Care Extender at the XXXX Regional Medical Center. I have shadowed and assisted nurses in various departments. I have been involved in providing direct patient care and have gained insight into health professionals' backgrounds and work habits. This experience has convinced me that nursing is my calling, and I am determined to pursue it.

It was always my intention to use my working life to help others, and I now wish to do so in the personal and direct way that nursing involves. I believe I have the necessary qualities to be a successful nursing practitioner.  I am considered organized, mature, and, most importantly, compassionate; I also enjoy working as part of a team and have excellent observational skills. I know that challenging work, enthusiasm, and determination will be rerequireccessful applicants to the program, and I am confident that I can meet these requirements in full.

My ethnic mix is unusual and exposed me to two diverse cultures from my earliest years. Although I have never lived abroad, I have visited India, Mexico, and Spain to work towards my language degree. I consider myself to be exceptionally culturally aware and sensitive to cultural differences. I get along exceptionally well with people regardless of their background or ethnic origin.

I am particularly interested in the areas of health education and preventative medicine. I aim to work as a nurse in the Global South, providing health information and education to help as many people as possible with their healthcare challenges.

I am aware that there will be many well-qualified applicants for the program. Still, I genuinely believe that I possess the personal qualities, motivation, determination, and passion for excellence, to become an asset to my class, the college, and, ultimately, the nursing profession.

Thank you for considering my application for the BSN Program.

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