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Personal Statement DNP-FNP Disaster Relief, Volunteer

Updated: Jan 15

I am a nurse dedicated to improving healthcare in the most holistic and sustainable ways possible. I have learned that nurses potentially have compelling voices as advocates and caregivers. We have the capacity not just to radically improve individual lives but also the lives of families, the workplace, and by extension, the local community, and the world.

I hope to be selected for your competitive DNP-FNP Program at the University of XXXX to prepare myself for my maximum contribution in the classroom, bedside, and, someday, in the boardroom. My central, long-term goal is to become a professor/educator and program director and eventually serve on committees that have a direct, progressive, and positive impact on national and local healthcare poleis I want to become a mover and shaker in health care. For this, I need not just a doctoral degree but a DNP from one of the most exemplary programs in the world. I am ready for the rigors of Nursing at the University of XXXX and have the full support of my family, who is begging me to move back to XXXX. On my home turf, I would be in the best position to immerse myself in nursing 24/7.

DNP-FNP Disaster Relief, Volunteer
DNP Personal Statement Examples

I am optimistic about being accepted to your competitive program because of my distinguished record of accomplishment in community service. I worked around the clock for three weeks doing Hurricane relief work in Florida after Irma struck. I flew into Haiti soon after the earthquake of 2010 and triaged 1,000 people over the course of 3 weeks. While I provided wound care, I also helped to coordinate emergency room service with the coordination team. I volunteered in South Africa for one month, caring for children with TB. At home, I work for AmeriCorps State division as a crisis intervention counselor on the Miami switchboard, coaching suicidal callers. Finally, as a volunteer with the non-profit Fountain House, I cultivated and led class nutrition, exercise, hygiene, and basic first aid classes for emotionally challenged/substance-abusing individuals.

DNP-FNP Disaster Relief, Volunteer
DNP Personal Statement Examples

Since graduating in 2015, I have worked on a telemetry floor for one year, as a flight nurse for a year-and-a-half, and as a mental health nurse for the last six months. I am incredibly excited by the prospect of returning to the academic world, preparing myself for a long and distinguished career as an FN, and participating in groundbreaking research geared toward improving healthcare policies and practices. While still in nursing school, I chose to do my 4-month preceptorship in mental health. Since May 2017, I have returned to Psychiatric Nursing as a mental health nurse in an acute care crisis stabilization unit. This re-immersion experience in mental health nursing is excellent preparation, as I see it, for my upcoming life of service as an FNP since psychological and communication issues are paramount in Family Medicine.

Since my niece was recently diagnosed with Aspergers at the age of seven, I am rapidly on my way to becoming an expert in Autism and hereditary links since my father also has Aspergers. It would be a special privilege for me to contribute to research explicitly concerned with girls with autism since most research studies focus on males.

Scientific research had come naturally to me since high school, when I went to the International Science and Engineering Fair in Cleveland, Ohio, winning several awards for my forensic toxicology studies. My early diligence as a student in high school resulted in my being awarded a merit-based scholarship for Nursing School.

Irish, French-Canadian, and Native American, I relish the celebration of diversity, backpacking in national parks, birding in Honduras, and spending time with my four-year-old daughter and family. I also collect and trade micro-minerals and rare stones.

Thank you for considering my application to Nursing at the University of XXXX.

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