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FNP Certificate, Family Centered Pediatric Nursing Care

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My personal, professional purpose is to become a Certified Family Nurse Practitioner. Thus, I very much want to enroll in a one-year Certificate Program to become certified as a FNP. I have been a nurse for 17 years now, first earning my BSN from XXXX and then my MSN at Western Governors University. My nursing experience has enabled me to gain extensive, specialized knowledge and skills by working closely with a broad variety of health care professionals. The focus of my Master’s Degree was on Nursing Education, which will always be especially near and dear to my heart.

Very much an advocate of lifelong education for nurses, I see my Master’s Degree as more of a beginning than any sort of conclusion, and I look forward down the road after gaining more experience as a FNP to teaching nursing at some point. I am already off to a very good start as a nursing instructor by the fact that I currently serve as an Adjunct Clinical Nursing Instructor, since June of 2014, at XXXX University.

A charge nurse for the past 5 years, the center of my world is now XXXX Hospital in XXXX, CA where I have been giving my all as a Registered Nurse since November of 2012. I may never leave this hospital because I simply love it so, the people, most of all the constant flow of sick children and their families. I want very much is to continue to study nursing and to advance professionally, gradually assuming great levels of responsibility, after becoming certified as a FNP.

I enjoy the administrative duties that I have - scheduling and coordination of outpatient and inpatient pediatric procedures - as much as I do the opportunities that I have for direct, hands-on care of children. Perhaps the aspect of my work that is most fulfilling of all, however, is counseling and supporting families, particularly distraught parents but siblings, aunts and uncles,

grandparents, etc., of the sick child as well. From setting up the room, ordering supplies, helping to prepare the patient, patient education and follow up, even billing: there is not a single aspect of my work that does not bring me joy because of my awareness of the interconnected nature of all of these aspects of nursing care and the absolute necessity of each one of them in order to make the nursing experience a holistic success and contribute everything that we can to successful patient outcomes.

An LVN since 1996, I have been serving as an RN in nurse pediatric units since 1999. A gregarious woman who feeds on human contact, having a share in daily multidisciplinary rounds, working collaboratively with pediatric residents, addressing issues as they arise, assuring accurate communication and working to resolve conflicts as they occur fills my day, alongside patient education/counseling and direct patient care. I have also served as a member on many hospital committees, helping me to better get to know many of my colleagues and to better appreciate the numerous challenges that we face as a team. Increasingly, I enjoy direct participation in the education of new nurses, RN residents, and pairing staff with advanced education resources.

I have the most beautiful, golden memories of service over the course of many years now. At the Children's Hospital in Los Angeles, I took care of delicate pediatric patients after heart surgery, including those with pacemakers and chest tubes. In addition to working with pediatric cardiac, there were renal, GI, and rheumatology patients; for some of them I performed peritoneal dialysis. I even had the unforgettable experience of caring for pediatric patients after solid organ transplants, including heart, kidney, liver and lung. My extensive experience will enable me to excel as an FNP, performing initial diagnosis and referral if called for, more often also directly providing the treatment that is needed. I see myself spending the next several decades in a hospital, clinic or doctors office in my community. With a strong work ethic, I fully intend to work until I drop.

I seek a lifetime of advanced education in nursing, advanced practice, and the constant development of my clinical leadership skills; it is my intention to earn the DNP Degree after attaining several more years of experience as an FNP.

The area of the literature that I know best is everything having to do with pediatric nursing, especially the literature dealing with ‘Family Centered Pediatric Nursing Care’. Most nights, I fall asleep reading about the role of the family in care processes; and I wake up thinking about it the next morning while I am making breakfast.

I thank you for your consideration of my application to your distinguished FNP Certificate Program at XXXX University.

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