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Ph.D. Nursing Personal Statement Sample, Online Program

Updated: Jan 14

Ph.D. Nursing Personal Statement Examples
Ph.D. Nursing Personal Statement Samples

Ph.D. Nursing Personal Statement Sample

Nursing has been my life now for many years and I am especially well prepared to continue my study towards the terminal degree in my field, the Ph.D. I am a pediatric and family nurse practitioner with an MS in Nursing. I have already completed a post-Masters in Pediatric Nursing and am licensed and experienced in both Pediatric Nursing and as a Family Nurse Practitioner. I am currently working towards a certificate in child and adolescent psychiatric nursing. I serve full time in an inner-city clinic in New York City providing primary psychiatric services to children and adolescents.

I have many years of nursing experience, which will help me to excel in the XXXX Online Ph.D. Program. Your program represents an opportunity for me to give my all to the quest of being one of those visionary scholars able to make important contributions to the field of nursing, especially with respect to children with psychological challenges. I take a special interest in the struggles of minority children as I have become increasingly aware over the years of the entrenched character of the social problems of our society that serve to handicap and marginalized those who are weakest among us, blocking their realization of their full potential. I celebrate diversity in our systems of medical care as well as our educational system and our society in general. I hope to teach nursing rich with diverse ethnic-based visions of healing and protection of our children.

Ph.D. Nursing Personal Statement Service
Ph.D. Nursing Personal Statement

For me, the Ph.D. is about doing research, something which I deeply love. My primary research interest is in risk-taking behavior and mental health outcomes in early adolescents from minority ethnic backgrounds. I especially look forward to doing research on the question of how ethnicity and socioeconomic status influence risk-taking behaviors that so very often lead to devastating mental health outcomes, especially for inner-city minorities, particularly African American and Hispanic. My ideal job would be to teach child development and child and adolescent psychiatric nursing as an associate professor at a university where I could continue my research in this area. Yet, I would also be incredibly pleased to harness the marvelous wisdom and creative techniques to which I will be exposed in your program to the task of constantly improving the quality of pediatric and adolescent nursing care.

Ph.D. Nursing Personal Statement Child and Adolescent
Ph.D. Nursing Personal Statement

I participate in a health fair to provide free blood pressure screening for Indian Sikhs in a Sikh temple of worship in Long Island, as well as free flu shots to the uninsured members of the same community. I recently visited India (2/07) with my physician husband and provided free medical care to rural villagers in North India in the state of Punjab. We are currently working on setting up free medical services for the underprivileged in both North and South India (Punjab and Mumbai, respectively).

Thank you for your consideration of my application to your program.

Ph.D. Nursing Personal Statement


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