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DNP Leadership, Nurse Anesthesia

Updated: Jan 15

My first choice among DNP Programs in Nurse Anesthesia is the University of XXXX because of my deep admiration for the priority focus on leadership and the many opportunities for clinical exposure in pediatric, adult, and geriatric settings. Over the last five years, in preparation for applying to the competitive NA program at XXXX University, I have gained full-time experience as a nurse. I have also retaken several science courses in areas where I did not do well as an undergraduate.

I have shadowed two CRNAs for several days, Dr. XXXX, DNP, CRNA, and former President of the American Association of Nurse Anesthetists (AANA) for East Texas and XXXX, CRNA, DNP at XXXX Hospital in Dallas, Texas. I am grateful for the many fantastic opportunities to advance my education. I am confident that I am ready to give my all to pursuing excellence in Nurse Anesthesia. The University of XXXX´s Nurse Anesthesia Program has a solid reputation for excellence in Nurse Anesthesia and an environment where Christians and people of other faiths draw strength from their religious traditions, empowering them to reach ever greater heights in Nursing through the exercise of spirituality.

DNP Leadership, Nurse Anesthesia
DNP Personal Statement Examples

I began learning about many of the details of anesthesia initiation and management while still an undergraduate student, working as a pharmacy technician at XXXX Hospital in Miami, Florida. I became friends with a CRNA who inspired me to begin thinking about Nurse Anesthesia: lifesaving interventions, pain relief, and providing comfort for patients during the worst times of their lives. In a variety of settings, all intriguing and exciting, I learned how to put to beneficial use many of the skills that I have mastered over time in the ICU setting. With years of experience in several high-acuity Cardiac intensive care units, I have extensive practice monitoring hemodynamics, hemodynamic drip titration, cardiac assist devices, cardiac and pulmonary transplantation, and extracorporeal life support.

I completed an internship in Cardiothoracic Nursing at XXXX University Medical Center in XXXX at a Level 1 Trauma and Magnet-designated facility, staying there for an extra two years before returning to Dallas, TX, where I went to work at XXXX Health Network Hospital Level 1 Trauma ICU, going on later to XXXX Medical Center where I worked as a Charge RN and preceptor in the Cardiovascular ICU - until the facility closed in May of 2017.

DNP Leadership, Nurse Anesthesia
DNP Personal Statement Examples

XXXX next hired me to serve in the Cardiovascular ICU. I have been employed full-time as an Intensive Care Nurse for nine years now, specializing most extensively in Cardiac ICU settings with some time also in Trauma. I served as an active member of the Code Blue Committee and frequently charge nurse in the CVICU and now serve as an alternate on the Pain Management Committee at XXXX. An active member of the AACN Dallas Chapter, I recently became a Certified Critical Registered Nurse.


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