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FNP Personal Statement Help, Haitian, Diabetes

Updated: Jan 15

Massachusetts is my second home after my native Haiti, and the University of XXXX is my first choice for graduate school for several reasons, especially the location and the sheer excellence of your program. Born and raised in my native Haiti until 17, coming to America, learning English, and two years in Miami and Boston, my adult life has been a fantastic uphill climb. I am 45 years old; I have 18 years of experience as a Registered Nurse, and now is the best time for me to advance my career and exercise my increasing capacity for leadership.

I have many years of experience working primarily with patients who have diabetes. My steadily increasing passion for fighting this dreadful disease is the principal reason I hope to enroll in your distinguished nursing program at XXXX for the fall of next year, 2016. Once I become a Family Nurse Practitioner, I will have the tools to give my all to my community, both here in Massachusetts and back in Haiti.

The challenging time I had upon my arrival in America, struggling to earn a high school degree, was complicated by the arrival of my two children. I had no parents of my own in America to help me, and I ended up sending my children home to my mother in Haiti—visiting them once a year. But by 1996, I could care for them again, and they returned to the USA. I finished my associate degree in 1997 and after that supporting them was a little easier. Since my children returned in 1996, I have only returned to Haiti for my father’s funeral and a handful of other occasions. Nevertheless, I anticipate building new, professional bonds with Haiti once I become a nurse practitioner, participating in medical missions, etc.

FNP Master's, Born and Raised in Haiti, Diabetes
Family Nurse Practitioner FNP Personal Statement Help

I have carried a dream with me throughout my life of starting an orphanage in Haiti, a home for children with no parents.

Becoming a Nurse Practitioner will help me realize that long-term goal as well. I rarely had to take a sick day, and it was because of my children when I did. Watching how the earthquake devastated Haiti and the aftermath, live images on TV in early 2010, upset me so profoundly that I could not work for several days, especially after learning that my 21-year-old nephew was one of the victims. I wanted to be there, and these feelings for Haiti intensified as time went by. I think increasingly of serving on medical missions back to Haiti, and I look forward to learning and studying more about my options as a master's student in your program.

I am proud to put myself through college, working as a nursing assistant and helping my mother and sibling come to America. I always worked two jobs as a single parent. My children have now finished college, and my oldest, 28, recently married. I always loved going to school when I could do so. Now is my time. Most recently, I have been studying online in preparation for enrollment in your program in the Fall of 2016.

I assure you that I will put my nurse practitioner license to work on behalf of those in the greatest need of my help and expertise, including on-site services and outreach care, shelter visits, school, and community health education seminars, etc.

FNP Master's, Born and Raised in Haiti, Diabetes
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My interest in fighting diabetes goes back to when I was 14 years old and my grandfather—who I adored—was diagnosed with diabetes. His wife and I shared the challenge of caring for him, focusing primarily on meal preparation, cutting carbohydrates, and laboring to convince him to eat more fruits and vegetables. That is about the only thing that we were able to do. We did not even have a way to monitor his blood sugar regularly. And this is still all too often the case in Haiti with diabetes and those who struggle to care for them with so few resources. Thus, finally, for my grandpa and many like him who suffer from this dreaded disease, I hope to participate in public education programs designed to help people living with diabetes in Haiti at some point in my career. These kits would include oral medication, insulin, insulin delivery supplies, lancets, meters, pumps, extra batteries, and a quick-acting source of glucose, all with detailed instructions and illustrations in Creole.

I have wanted to pursue my central long-term goal for many years, and this is the right time. I look forward to giving my all and undivided attention to my studies at XXXX U. I ask for your inspiration and empowerment so that I might give something back to both my communities, Haiti, and Massachusetts.

Thank you for considering my application.

FNP Personal Statement Help


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