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MSN in Nursing Leadership in Health Systems

Updated: May 7

I have a proven track record as a highly dedicated nursing professional. My high levels of motivation and achievement are rooted in the many difficult challenges that I have faced along the way. I began life with parents who were constantly relocating across the country in search of manual labor jobs. My father was a Vietnam War veteran trying to outrun his ghosts with only a high school education and training in welding.  My mother, another working-class survivor, obtained her GED while my brother and I were in grade school, working odd jobs, mostly housekeeping. Yet, within time, she obtained her Bachelors Degree while working her way up the ladder: CNA to LPN and finally RN.  My family struggled against heavy odds so as to be able to prepare their children for solid and stable families and careers. My family background has instilled in me a most profound devotion to education; the constant uprooting from neighborhoods and schools made me strong, an extrovert rather than an introvert, an adaptable person who has always hit the ground running with enormous respect for diversity and multiculturalism. In addition to laying the foundation for a highly successful career in nursing, my background and life experiences spurred me on to become the American Taekwondo Association’s Colorado State Champion for 2005 and 2006. This helped me to further appreciate the need for eternal humility, tranquility, a positive attitude, life-long personal growth, acceptance of failure as well as victory: courage, perseverance, self confidence, discipline and the leadership skills that I hope to refine in your program.

I am fully convinced, therefore, that my discipline and determination will allow me to excel in your online masters program. At 37, I feel that I am in the optimal location, time and space, with the full support of my family, to become a distinguished nursing manager and leader. I am thrilled I am at the prospect of becoming part of a program that puts priority emphasis precisely on what I find most intriguing and relevant to nursing: leadership, problem solving skills, decision making under stress, conflict resolution, and the operationalization of the nursing mission. I keenly look forward to giving my all to the broad spectrum of issues in which I will be fully engaged from legal and moral questions to strategy, management, and marketing.

When I met my husband we continued to relocate for his profession which gave me the opportunity to further experience different nursing standards, protocols, and cultures characterizing nursing settings throughout the United States, obtaining specialized knowledge of a broad variety of areas: ICU, ER, Orthopedics, etc. As a Certified Nursing Assistant, I gained vast appreciation for the importance of compassion, the human touch, the profound privilege of serving as the eyes, ears, and voice of the patient.  Serving as a Certified Medical Technician greatly expanded my knowledge base concerning medications, side effects, time frames, and helped me to become a top-notch communicator and team player. As a residential case manager at a short term rehabilitation facility, I enhanced my competence at charting, care planning, and the need for regular reevaluation of goals. Since 1996 to the present, I have served my community as an RN in Hospice, ICU, ER, Cardiac, Trauma, Orthopedics, Step Down, and home health, always placing top priority on teamwork, open communication, patient advocacy and the education of patients and families. I also developed and wrote a grant for pain management to provide the orthopedic floor with permanent CD players in patient rooms so that music would aid the healing process and shorten the length of stay.

As a business partner for Playful Pooch LLC., I developed a heightened appreciation for customer satisfaction, marketing, and promotion, cultivating client relationships through extensive follow-up. Within 4 months of my sojourn into the competitive world of internet search engines, we were ranked #1, with reward programs, live webcams, advanced holiday scheduling, and satellite radio, generating a base of 500 clients within six months to attain record profitability; producing new business through media exposure/follow-up from numerous promotions including events and unique venues. I have also placed a high priority on giving back to my community through volunteer service. While in Montana, for example, I organized events with radio Hot 101.7, serving as their promotional director.  We fingerprinted and photographed children, for example, making emergency kits in case they went missing, so that their families could get the search process started immediately and effectively. I volunteered for the Aids Walk, set up tents, answering questions, providing literature. With Playful Pooch, we provided free housing and training for Siberian Huskies with Polaris Husky Rescue out of Colorado. In Corpus Christi, TX, I assisted the Gulf Coast Humane Society, helping to provide exposure on the radio for the adoption of pets. From Race for the Cure to Run for the Angels, I have opened my mind and heart to so patients outside as well as inside the hospital, celebrating an unbridled optimism concerning the survival of the human spirit, the miracles that can be accomplished through the support of a community working together as one. I have also learned Spanish, since I feel strongly that knowledge of America’s second language is imperative for someone who aspires to the long-term goal of serving as a Chief Nursing Officer.

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