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MSN, NP, Rural Health Nursing, ____ FL

Updated: Jan 28

Patient care is my life, and my community is the center of my world. I am a nurse who lives in a small town in Florida, and many of our doctors are getting old and retiring. Immigrants move through our area, often in need of health care, with many not receiving it. I hope to be accepted to and complete your world-class program for the MSN Degree at XXXX University so that I can work as an Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner in my community. Now 32, I think of myself as a “homegirl” and dearly love my small town. I also want to think of myself as the Florence Nightingale of XXXX, Florida. I want to serve on the front lines, open my community health clinic, go out and find those who need medical attention, and continue to watch for them. I imagine doing this for at least another four decades if not five or six.

For years now, I have been daydreaming of starting my walk-in clinic, and I have invested and will continue to invest the best part of my energy brainstorming for creative ideas to help me with this clear long-term goal.

I have two little boys, 1 and 4 years old; even when I am with them, I think about healthcare issues and the way that they affect XXXX, Florida in particular. Most of the patients I treat and imagine treating in the future are from our town's rural areas. Thus, rural issues in nursing will be a particular area for me in which I plan to go that extra mile. I know many healthcare workers in town and hear stories about many of the rest. One older doctor is said to be retiring, and I sometimes go a couple of blocks out of my way to drive past his medical practice. But instead of his name, I see “Name, ARNP” on the sign. I want to practice medicine as a nurse with a kind of Little House on the Prairie theme and make home visits to sick people who cannot get to my clinic. I want to practice family medicine in people’s homes and in my clinic, especially as I firmly believe that seeing the house where people live and seek to recover is enormously beneficial to the holistic practitioner assessing the priority needs of primary patient care. Many people, especially older people and those confined to a bed or wheelchair, seldom leave their homes.

My long-term objective after gaining several years of experience as an ARNP would be to complete a DNP degree. I see this goal of education to the terminal degree in my field as something much more than an academic exercise; instead, it would build upon and advance my central real-world dream of a clinic where I might be able to develop and employ a multi-disciplinary team of health care professionals, including mental health professionals and social workers. Community medicine is my dream, and nursing is my vehicle. I love people and treat sick people because I feel blessed with healing hands. I communicate well with patients, their families, and coworkers. I have experience dealing with patients and families over the last ten years; patients of all ages, within different areas of our healthcare systems, hospitals, clinics, rehabs, long-term care facilities, and patient homes.

I have always given my all to provide the best healthcare I can provide, with an open mind and a non-judgmental, positive attitude and outlook that prioritizes the patient’s wishes and concerns, serving as their advocate and caregiver. I also look forward to advancing through my studies at XXXX in diversity issues and nursing care and learning how to better tailor my thinking and efforts to patients of ethnic minority groups.

Thank you for considering my application to your competitive Master's Program at XXXX.

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