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MSN Nursing Purpose Statement in Rural Health

Updated: Jan 15

For a decade, I have maintained a consistent and steady path through my professional and academic careers, pursuing quality and genuine care for those that need it most. Nursing brings me the most significant relevance and emotional and psychological fulfillment, more so than any other field could.

MSN Nursing Purpose Statement in Rural Health
MSN Nursing Personal Statement in Rural Health

Growing up in Williamsburg, Kentucky, I have seen what poverty means. My stepdad operates a weekly soup kitchen, and through his example, hard work, and genuine love of helping others, I have been inspired to see my path even more clearly. Interacting with transitional families and individuals, I have contributed to organizing free health screenings, BP, blood sugar testing, and education through informational brochures we procured from the DOH. There is a distinct need to promote awareness about stroke prevention, Diabetes, and regulating blood pressure through proper diet and exercise.

MSN Nursing Purpose Statement in Rural Health
MSN Nursing Purpose Statement in Rural Health

Completing the MSN to become a Rural Health Family Practitioner will prepare me well to serve as an instrument of sustainable change, opening a family practice in my community that caters to the needs of those who cannot afford healthcare.

XXXX is the ideal choice for my further education. I seek to serve the community where I grew up and was educated. Once I am established as a Nurse Practitioner, I aim to research the most effective methods by which healthcare awareness in women and teens can be approached. As part of my practice, I would like to create a composite website where individuals can interact, research their specific conditions, and get the most up-to-date and accurate information possible in non-technical language.

Proof of my commitment to the community can also be found in my volunteer work. With my church, I offer free preventative health screenings and health education, focusing on Diabetes, hypertension, and cardiac disease.

MSN Nursing Purpose Statement in Rural Health
MSN Nursing Purpose Statement in Rural Health

I bring with me to the MSN program an excellent foundation in Nursing. Having practiced in CTVU, health Cath lab, and now in dialysis clinics, I have worked with patients at the end stages of life. Not a day goes by when I do not see clients whose medical situations could have been avoided through primary and secondary prevention.

XXXX is my only choice for graduate school since I am impressed with the faculty, staff, curriculum, and student body. I look forward with great eagerness to this, my next step, not only for me but also for the people I will go on to serve, weaving a dream that never ends.


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