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Nursing Residency, Navy, Veterans

Updated: Jan 27

THE NAVY HAS BEEN PART OF MY LIFE since I was born in a Naval Hospital. Growing up on naval bases, I was proud of my dad and his service to our nation and the strong sense of community emphasized by the military lifestyle. He gave his entire career to the Navy; we received the finest medical care from nurses and doctors. Indeed, my first impressions of nurses were those that tended to me as a child. I count their unswervingly compassionate nature and skilled care as kindling the desire to serve our nation and our veterans as a nurse.

Throughout my BSN, I imagined one day serving within a Veterans Hospital, a job, a career, and an honor, providing healthcare to our Veterans. Nursing was a natural choice for me and a fulfillment of a lifelong dream. I am deeply thankful that I have had the opportunity and the ability to return to school, a path decorated with scholarships. Completing my BSN with Honors and a near-perfect GPA, I was admitted into Sigma Theta National Honor Society for Nurses this past May, a source of immense pleasure and pride for me, my family, and others who supported me.

XXXX’s Nurse Residency program is not just a logical progression for my career; it represents the ideal, bringing me an education whose curriculum has breadth and autonomy and offers me a level of exposure matched by a few nursing residency programs.

I bring with me to the residency program a decade of professional experience, working in positions that increased in responsibility and the number of people I supervised. During this portion of my career, I solidified my professional interpersonal, time management, project management, and IT skills. I recognize that nurses hold a community’s trust in their hands and are also role models for aspiring medical professionals. To this end, I am an active volunteer for the Red Cross, bringing my desire to impart compassionate care to the poor, sick, and needy at all costs.

I want to follow my heart, providing exceptional healthcare to America's veterans and others in need.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

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