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PHD Nursing, Child Maternal Health, Milk Donor Bank

Updated: Jan 16

I am a 35-year-old female of Italian heritage born and raised in Long Island, New York.  I lost my mother at 17 and became the primary caregiver for my younger siblings; I also became a mother myself at an early age. These experiences fired my interest in the care and nursing of infants and mothers. I feel strongly that my decision to enter nursing was less a career choice than a response to a vocation, and I feel privileged to have fulfilled that vocation.

I thoroughly enjoyed my time at XXXX College studying for my BSN and have since regarded the College as my academic and professional ‘home.’ Having obtained my MSN degree, I was thrilled to be able to return there to teach. I feel incredibly grateful to be able to ‘give something back to nursing and to do so in such an excellent and positive academic environment as provided at the College.

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Ph.D. Nursing Statement of Purpose

During my career, I have extensive professional experience providing nursing and healthcare for expectant mothers, new mothers, other women, and children of various ages. I have done so in multiple settings. It is my great hope to be able to contribute to the nursing academic community by undertaking research. Being especially interested in women’s health and lactation, I hope to undertake a research study linking post-partum care and nursing home care to an increased success rate for exclusive breastfeeding.

I possess the relevant dedication, skills, professional and personal background, and experience, together with appropriate unique qualities, to enable me to gain substantial benefits from the College’s Ph.D. program and to make a significant contribution to the College and the science of nursing by pursuing my intended field of research.

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Ph.D. Nursing, Milk Bank, Personal Statement

Having completed the Ph.D. program, I hope to be appointed to the nursing faculty as a full-time nursing professor. Thus, I can share my passion for nursing with my students, inspiring them professionally, academically, and personally. I am hungry to assist with nursing research in maternal-child health, especially lactation. I seek engagement in nursing at a policy level, especially as an advocate for breastfeeding. I also hope to open the first milk donor bank in XXXX.

Thank you for considering my application for the Ph.D. program.

PHD Nursing, Child Maternal Health, Milk Donor Bank


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