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PMHNP Psychiatric Mental Health, Bay Area

Updated: Jan 15

The Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner master's degree program at XXXX University is my first choice for graduate school. I hope to become the best Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner possible.

While raised in the Bay Area, much of my family is from Eastern Kentucky, and I look forward to better understanding those roots during my time in your program. I am also very favorably impressed by the sheer excellence and creativity of the program at XXXX. I am convinced that working as a mental health nurse will provide me with a profound sense of pride and satisfaction.

The issues surrounding our mental health care system are huge and require dedicated, well-trained, and compassionate individuals to deal with them effectively. I am passionate about ensuring people with mental illness have a voice. Unfortunately, mental illness has a stigma attached, and people avoid getting the desperately needed help. I feel called to serve as an advocate. As nurses, we connect with our patients deeper than a doctor. I enjoy the connection I develop with the people entrusted in my care. Nursing focuses on education and preventative medicine, one of the most important aspects of medicine, teaching patients to stay healthy and prevent illness.

PMHNP Psychiatric Mental Health, Bay Area
PMHNP Statement of Purpose

This is the best time for me to complete the program since I now have many years of military experience, and I now look toward working with our veterans. Since I have become a nurse, I have paid increasing attention to those areas of mental health that have a statistical prevalence among soldiers and veterans, most notably PTSD. I now have many years of managerial experience in the military, where I have long cultivated my leadership skills. I am dedicated, knowledgeable, and compassionate; I give my all to nursing and see NPs as professionals with expansive roles. Anxious to contribute to research as an APRN, I could not be more engaged with the literature dealing with the subject in which I hope to earn the Master´s Degree and serve as an APRN for decades to come, always fully dedicated to lifelong education in my field.

I very much appreciate the unique role of the advanced practice MSN-prepared nurse. I would work with the board of education and develop teaching methods and strategies that promote alternative learning, especially for children diagnosed with ADD/ADHD. We need to create alternative ways of teaching and understand that children and adults diagnosed with ADD/ADHD learn and process information differently. As a Psychiatric Nurse, I hope to advocate for people with ADD/ADHD, especially since I was diagnosed with ADD as a child and have thus developed a lot of understanding over the years concerning the difficulties that people with this diagnosis face.

PMHNP Psychiatric Mental Health, Bay Area
PMHNP Statement of Purpose Examples, Help, Editing

At 18, I decided to follow in my father's footsteps in the United States Navy, becoming a medical corpsman and a “Neuropsychiatric Technician,” serving in this capacity for four years. After leaving the Navy, I joined the private sector as a licensed psychiatric technician working at a private psychiatric facility. After working for several years, encouraged by the charge nurse, I applied for nursing school. I have worked in psychiatric nursing for most of my career in various nursing settings, including manager and director. Treating patients with mental health issues and challenges is my passion, and I appreciate the fact that there is a growing need for highly trained mental health care providers. I currently work as a psychiatric consultant and liaison nurse at XXXX Medical Center, a 529-bed hospital. Becoming a nurse practitioner will give me greater autonomy and maximize my contribution to the organization I serve and the patients I always place as my number one priority. I hope to remain with this organization after earning my Master´s Degree. I volunteer yearly at the NAMI walk and participate in Operation Stand Down, working with homeless veterans and assisting them in obtaining mental health, medical, legal, and social services.

Thank you for considering my application to Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing at XXXX University.


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