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Psychiatric Nursing Certificate, Gero-Psych

Updated: Jan 15

I am the best fit for the University of XXXX’s online post-masters Certificate Program in Psychiatric Nursing since I especially admire your program's innovative character. Most of all, the curriculum seems precisely tailored to my main interests.

I set my sights on a nursing career as a Junior Volunteer in the local hospital. After high school, I entered the BSN program and worked as a CNA and then LPN. During my BSN program, one of my instructors saw potential in me and encouraged me to continue and become a Nurse Practitioner.

Within one month of completing my undergraduate studies in Nursing, I was giving my all as a graduate student at XXXX University in New Jersey. I went full-time until earning my MSN with an Adult/Gerontology NP focus. Now an experienced nurse with diverse experience caring for adults, especially older ones, I see going back to school to again give my all to a Post-Master’s Certificate Program in Psychiatric Nursing as a natural progression, continuing to care for adults that have a wide variety of health challenges but specializing on the cases where the psychological difficulties are the most salient. For example, I have often found myself reading about Autism in adults, particularly older adults, learning new strategies, thinking critically about diagnoses, etc. I see mental illness issues in older adults as incredibly complex and challenging, and I am drawn to the subject like a moth to a flame.

Psychiatric Nursing Certificate, Gero-Psych
Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner Personal Statement Examples

My elevated level of motivation is driven by many years of experience as an NP providing primary care mostly to older adults. The other pillar of my determination to earn a certificate in Psychiatric Nursing and to focus the balance of my nursing career in this area is my profound concern over the exploding opioid addiction we face in the USA. I have been reading extensively in this area for a long time. As soon as I finish my certificate in Psychiatric Nursing, I intend to register for and complete the APNA’s online course dealing with effective treatments for opioid use disorders.

In addition to my compassion and dedication, I see my community spirit as perhaps the most significant strength I bring to nursing. My community is under attack by this scourge of opioid abuse. More Americans are dying from drug overdoses than car crashes, and opioids alone account for most of those tragedies. I feel strongly that nurses, especially well-trained Psychiatric Nursing professionals, must address this challenge since we comprise the principal point of contact between patients and the psychiatric healthcare system. I look forward to providing the best possible care to those who suffer from opioid addiction/abuse, staying abreast of and hopefully contributing to research developments in this area. I have been reading everything I can find about Suboxone, and I am most enthused about its power to help patients overcome opioid addictions. I look forward to prescribing this medication to those who suffer in my community, where opioid and especially heroin use rates are extremely high.

Psychiatric Nursing Certificate, Gero-Psych
Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner Personal Statement

I have been preparing myself for a career in Psychiatric Nursing for years, and I have always gone that extra mile to fulfill my duties as an Adult/Gero NP. Psychological issues are widespread, especially among older people and, most of all, those who also suffer from physical illness. Because of my longstanding, sustained interest in the psychological issues faced in nursing, I have gravitated towards and reflected extensively on the challenges facing psychiatric nurses. I have also gotten to know many nursing colleagues with advanced training in this area and spent extended time sharing their experiences and challenges, particularly with Gero-psych patients.

My hobbies include walking our Giant Schnauzer and thinking, mostly about nursing and crocheting. I also bowl.

Thank you for considering my application to the Psychiatric Nursing Certificate Program at XXXX University.


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