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300 Word Personal Statement Sample, Nurse Anesthesia Program, Latinx , Bilingual

Updated: 16 hours ago

I have reached a level of maturity and exposure in my critical care nursing where I feel completely equipped, motivated, and able to handle the opportunity and rigors of a challenging CRNA program. Moreover, these past six years in ICU, working alongside amazing CRNAs, and discussing my future in Nurse Anesthesia with them, I have been truly impressed by their confidence, the autonomy of their work, and the fascinating coupling of nursing acumen with pharma knowledge.

As a CRNA, I will be able to turn a number of my goals, and dreams into reality, namely serving as an active member of my hospital’s anesthesia department as well as my philanthropic goals. Indeed, for the past six years, I have given time, energy, and passion to helping others within war-torn, impoverished, disaster-stricken locales in Mexico, the Caribbean, and Africa. I aim to do much more, on a greater scale, ideally through Doctors without Borders, and bringing my bilingual abilities to bear. I have seen the worst displays of human suffering, the aftermath of civil war, the effects of governmental corruption, and people of all ages who have never met a healthcare professional, dying of highly treatable, curable diseases. This is wrong, and no longer will I wonder who will help. I am that someone and my day has come.

XXXX School of Nurse Anesthesia is my sole choice for further development. Time and again, Wolford’s name has come up in my research and consultation with CRNAs, convincing me of the quality of faculty and breadth and autonomy of the curriculum. I bring with me to the student body and program over two decades of academic and professional experiences, which I am eager to share.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

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