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Adult-Gerontology NP, MSN, Indian Dentist

Updated: Jan 15

As a 13-year-old living in India, I accompanied my grandmother, who suffered from cancer to the hospital for her chemotherapy following surgery. I would sit near the house staff room, where the nurses congregate, and listen to their conversations. I was deeply impressed by their cheerfulness, evident dedication, and caring attitude toward the patients. I observed how simple things such as a smile, a shared joke, or a squeezed hand positively affected the patient. I could see the pride in helping others in need on their faces. Then, I decided on a healthcare career that would allow me to serve and motivate people to live better lives.

Adult-Gerontology NP, MSN, Indian Dentist
Adult-Gerontology NP Personal Statement Examples

I was an academically able and hard-working student and was always at or near the top in Chemistry, Physics, and Biology, all of which I loved. I decided to pursue dentistry, which involved a four-year program including clinical placements and a one-year rotating internship that included work in a hospital and community settings. I had the opportunity to provide preventative and ambulatory care to underprivileged communities in various parts of India. I gained great satisfaction from giving primary treatments and helping to educate willing and grateful audiences in oral and dental hygiene; my 12-hour shifts seemed to ‘fly by.’

Adult-Gerontology NP, MSN, Indian Dentist
Adult-Gerontology NP

I am a naturally compassionate person and immensely enjoy the personal interactions involved in dentistry. I sought to inspire confidence in my patients and successfully handled child patients and the elderly. I particularly enjoyed working with the elderly with a natural rapport. I come from a culture where the aged are treated with respect and affection, and their experience and wisdom are acknowledged and appreciated. For this reason, I am particularly interested in nursing the elderly, the effects of the ‘aging population,’ and the challenges this presents. My long-term aim is to work as an Adult-Gerontology Nurse Practitioner providing excellent, dedicated healthcare and promoting health education while assisting in research projects relating to the health of the aged, emphasizing extending, as far as possible, independent living.

Adult-Gerontology NP, MSN, Indian Dentist
Adult-Gerontology NP

I possess an academic and professional background, personal characteristics, academic ability and potential, and a genuine and passionate desire to enter nursing. This will enable me to excel in the program and add value. If selected, I can assure the reader of enthusiastic and highly diligent participation in the NP program.

Thank you for considering my application to your MSN Program at XXXX University.


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