ADN, Associate Degree to RN Certification, Pediatric

Updated: Jul 16

I am very mature, compassionate, and outgoing person. I think that I am a perfect candidate for a nursing program because of my vast energy, communication skills and most of all the fact that I am a very hard worker. My goals have always been clear, and I have known since adolescence that I wanted to be a health care worker, but that I wanted to specialize in pediatrics. While I am certainly far from alone, my love for children has come to characterize my identity ever since I was myself a child.

While in high school my mother decided to put me in a Regional Occupational Program for my Certified Nurses Assistant license just for me to get a feel of what I was going into. After I became a Certified Nurses Assistant, I decided I no longer wanted to be a Pediatrician but I wanted to be a Pediatric Nurse. I want to learn all that I can about infant health because of my profound concern for the way in which babies are incapable of telling us where it hurts or precisely what their needs are. I am very intrigued by that process because I have only work with adults and I have always had a love for kids.

I have had significant experience working in the Health Care field to know that becoming a nurse is the right career choice for me. My work experience as a Certified Nurse Assistant has been the best experience possible to prepare me for what will lie ahead in my career as a nurse. Most importantly, I have learned how to put the needs of the patient above all else and this position has given me a great deal of insight into the world of nursing. I admire the challenges and diversity of the nursing professional. This career path offers endless opportunities to advance my knowledge and that is what is so great about nursing field, something new is always happening. 

I feel my low G.P.A. does not at all accurately reflect my potential as a nursing student. I promise to excel if given this opportunity. I know what I want and I haven’t come this far to just give up.

I hope to start your program. I look forward to becoming a Registered Nurse as a result of your program. I also plan to continue to study after completing your programa and develop a special interest in and focus on pediatric nursing.

I thank you for consideration of my application.

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