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ADN, Associate Degree to RN Certification, Pediatric

Updated: Jan 27

I am a very mature, compassionate, and outgoing person. I am a perfect candidate for a nursing program because of my vast energy and communication skills, and I am a very hard worker. My goals have always been clear, and I have known since adolescence that I wanted to be a healthcare worker and wanted to specialize in pediatrics. My love for children has characterized my identity ever since I was a child.

While in high school, my mother decided to put me in a Regional Occupational Program for my Certified Nurses Assistant license to get a feel of what I was going into. After becoming a Certified Nurses Assistant, I decided I no longer wanted to be a Pediatrician, but I wanted to be a Pediatric Nurse. I want to learn all I can about infant health because of my profound concern for how babies cannot tell us where it hurts or precisely what their needs are. I am most intrigued by that entire process because of my profound affection for children.

I have had significant experience working in the Health Care field to know that becoming a nurse is the right career choice. My work experience as a Certified Nurse Assistant has been the best experience possible to prepare me for what will lie ahead. Most importantly, I have learned how to put the patient's needs above all else, and this position has given me a great deal of insight into the world of nursing. I admire the challenges and diversity of the nursing profession and how something new is always happening. 

My low G.P.A. does not accurately reflect my potential as a nursing student. I promise to excel if given this opportunity. I know what I want, and I haven’t come this far to give up.

I look forward to becoming a Registered Nurse because of your program. I also plan to continue to study after completing your program, further developing my passion for pediatric nursing.

Thank you for consideration of my application.

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