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Arab Woman Raised in California, MSN, Clinical Care Extender

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Just like my mother, I am an Arab woman, despite the fact that I have lived in California my entire life. Thus, I look forward to contributing to the diversity of your distinguished program in nursing as a near-native speaker of Arabic as well as a young woman who is most passionate about and fully engaged with the science and art of health care. My professional experiences thus far have resulted in the complete surrender of my heart to the ideal of becoming the finest nursing professional possible.

XXXX University is my first choice for graduate study for a variety of reasons and this is why I have been closely following your program for the past three years. Throughout the course of my undergraduate study in Health Science, I have become increasingly mesmerized by interdisciplinary approaches to the treatment of cancer. Thus, I very much want to earn my MSN Degree from an outstanding multidisciplinary program such as yours to that I will learn to think creatively from a holistic perspective about the major health issues that I will confront in my many years as a nursing professional, most notably cancer and the great toll that it is taking worldwide on people of all ages. I hope to distinguish myself in the future writing about the special relationship between cancer, on the one hand, and nursing care on the other. I have been able to visit our lovely campus and meet some of the staff. I am most impressed with the obvious way in which your professors love teaching nursing.

I have recently completed my Bachelor’s Degree in Health Science with an emphasis on Health Promotion at XXXX University. I am a very well organized student and have always been goal-oriented. I have worked while I was going to school in order to pay to my way through college. This required many sacrifices but has resulted in my becoming a master at time management which will serve me well as a graduate student. I am becoming increasingly successful at managing my priorities, all geared around nursing. An honors student, I attribute much of my success to my close nit and highly supportive family. They have helped me mature and grow into a young woman who is full of great ambition, determination, and hope.

I also attribute my dedication to the battle against cancer to my family, particularly the gradual loss of my grandmother to this dreaded disease over the course of a decade. We were very close and her final years serve to propel me forward professionally in honor of her memory. I grew up with my grandma sick most of the time; every time I came home from the hospital I day-dreamed about being the nurse providing for her care.

I am convinced that I will be able to excel in your competitive and rigorous MSN Program at XXXX University because of my high level of motivation and dedication to my studies, as well as my extensive experience as a volunteer health worker. I have given a lot of energy to our local Red Cross, in particular, which has been a great opportunity for me to reach out to the community and help out for a good cause. My most valuable professional experience so far, however, has been my work as a Clinical Care Extender with the COPE Program dedicate to innovative solutions in health care services. This was an exhilarating opportunity for me to not only further expand my insight into the health field, but also experience unprecedented direct patient care in a large clinical setting.

For two years I rotated among different departments (Medical Surgery/Definitive Observation Unit, Emergency Room, Obstetrics and Mother and Baby Care Unit). I spent every shift working alongside nurses. Under their guidance, I was able to engage in countless hands-on experiences. I performed vital sign procedures, bathed and fed patients, prepared patient rooms, sent specimen to the laboratory, obtained necessary equipment for the nurses, and fulfilled other basic requests of the nurses and patients alike. I witnessed numerous operations, including C-sections, circumcisions, births, and other more extensive surgeries. I take special pride in my rapid adaptation to the procedural logistics of each new department that I entered. In the Medical Surgery/Definitive Observation Unit, for example, I focused my reasoning skills to accommodate to the unique needs of each patient facing or recovering from surgery. In the Emergency Room, I learned to communicate effectively with patients and nurses in an especially fast-paced environment, etc.

Completing your program will prepare me for a lifetime of service providing patients with relaxation and hope, that simple touch and concern that can often make all the difference to recovery. At some point in my nursing career I hope to use my Arabic as well as my English extensively and I look forward to the excellent support and guidance that I will receive at XXXX University learning about the options that I will have in the future to do so, through medical missions both at home and abroad.

I thank you from the bottom of my big heart for considering my application to your distinguished program in Nursing at XXXX University.

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