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CRNA Personal Statement, 500 Words

Updated: Jan 14

CRNA Personal Statement Examples
CRNA Personal Statement

My application to your distinguished DNP Program is unusual as far as I am already an experienced nurse anesthetist having qualified and then practiced in my home country, Morocco, for over four years. Nurse Anesthesia appealed to me because it is academically and professionally demanding with constant advances being made in medications, equipment, and techniques. I was also confident that I possessed the communication and analytical skills to work autonomously yet also as a team member of a cross-disciplinary team. I see it as a noble service, meeting the vital need for safe pain management. I was regarded as highly effective in this role in my home country and now seek to qualify to be able to practice in the US by updating and advancing my knowledge and skills in my beloved specialty. I moved to the USA in 2016 with little English and my first task was to acquire language fluency which I sought to achieve with the determination and commitment that I always apply to challenging situations.

CRNA Personal Statement Sample
CRNA Personal Statement

Having achieved fluency in English, I completed the necessary training to become a nurse in America. I was awarded the BSN degree Summa Cum Laude in 2020 and immediately began working as a staff nurse at the XXXX hospital of the Cancer Treatment Centers of America. In September 2013, I was appointed to a staff nurse post in the ICU of the hospital which I believe is a reflection and recognition of the exacting standards of my nursing skills, empathy, and communication. My academic and professional career in the US has provided me with an excellent understanding of the local medical environment and has broadened and deepened the skills and knowledge that I had acquired since commencing my nursing training in Morocco 18 years ago.

CRNA Personal Statement Example
CRNA Personal Statement

My professional work as a nurse anesthetist in Morocco was supplemented by volunteering in that capacity with the charity, Operation Smile, which provided free medical treatment to those unable to pay for treatment. There exists a massive demand for charitable healthcare in Morocco because of local economic conditions and I assisted in the treatment of a vast variety of diseases during this time. I have two infant children and work many hours to support them, but it is my firm intention, when circumstances permit, to sacrifice time and skill for the benefit of the poorer members of US society.

I am a native Arabic speaker and am fluent in both English and French. My life has provided opportunities to interact with people from many social and ethnic backgrounds and I have enjoyed doing so. I am curious about other cultures and love to share information about my own. I get on easily with others and am blessed with a well-developed sense of humor.


I have an excellent academic record together with extensive nursing experience supplemented by my education and service in this specialty in my home country. I am confident that I shall be able to ‘add value’ to the program by sharing the fruits of my own professional life to date.

Thank you for considering my application.

CRNA Personal Statement


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