CRNA School Application Statement, Nurse Single Mother Role Model, Mission to Central America

Updated: Jul 20

The number one highlight of my career as a nurse so far was going on a medical mission to Costa Rica in 2014. I could not be more certain that being accepted to your cutting-edge Master’s Program to become a CRNA at the XXXX School of Anesthesia will provide me with the capacity and the inspiration to go on medical missions at least every year for the balance of my professional future. As my career advances, I hope to progressively spend more time devoted to the underserved, thinking globally, acting locally, saving lives and helping to heal wounds worldwide, one patient at a time.

In Costa Rica we set up clinics in three different under-privileged communities during our 10 day stay. I remember especially well taking care of many migrants from Nicaragua who had little chance of receiving any other form of medical care since they were illegal immigrants without the necessary papers. This experience set the direction for who I want to become.

I have spent 26 hours formally shadowing CRNAs in the OR and plan to continue until I enter a Masters Program since I seek a full immersion experience, diving into the world of Anesthesia and fully embracing what it means to be a CRNA. On an informal level, I have always paid special attention to the CRNAs that I work alongside in our ICU. Our patients are especially challenging because most have brain injuries and we are generally unable to determine the capacity to which someone might recover for at least 3-6 months. I have had a few patients, however, who walk back into the department with their loved ones reminding them "this is Erica and she took amazing care of you." Those patients that do complete rehab have another opportunity to spend time with their family, a second chance at life.

The weakest part of my application is that I have only a little more than one year experience in ICU and I note with chagrin that your program prefers 2-3 years of ICU experience. I ask for special consideration in this regard since my experience is at a Level1 Trauma Center - as intense as it gets – and a teaching hospital associated with UCSF, the only level 1 trauma center from Los Angeles to Sacramento and the 3rd largest of 440 hospitals in California. My experience on the Float Team allowed me to network with departments throughout the hospital. I currently work as a floor nurse in the Neuro ICU and fill in as Supervisor when needed because I have proven myself to my supervisors.

Raised by a single mother who worked as a Registered Nurse for more than 20 years, I saw first- hand how she was able to improve people’s lives as a nurse. She received an award as RN of the year for the entire Central Valley of CA in 2012. My mom will always be my best friend and most important inspiration.

I thank you for considering my application.

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