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Updated: May 11

It’s not only children who grow. Parents do too. As much as we watch to see what our children do with their lives, they are watching us to see what we do with ours. I can’t tell my children to reach for the sun. All I can do is reach for it myself. - Joyce Maynard

My ambition for following my dreams came from watching my dad fulfill his by becoming a physician at the age of 50. After bringing us to this country and working hard as a taxi driver to make sure his three kids were comfortable, my father finally came to a point in his life where he could fulfill his lifelong dream without jeopardizing the education of his children. Watching him persevere through whatever hardship came at him and still being able to come out on top was the driving force I needed to pursue my own dream of becoming a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist.

I feel strongly that I am the best fit with the Nurse Anesthesia Program at the University of XXXX’s School of Nursing and Health Studies. Completing your program will enable me to meet all of my personal, educational and professional goals in order to become an outstanding CRNA. As I see it, the education and training offered in Nurse Anesthesia at the University of XXXX is unmatched. I am attracted to the low student-to-faculty ratio, the variety of advanced clinical rotations available, and I particularly appreciate your early integration of simulated learning activities. I look forward to preparing for my clinical rotations with this simulated training and hope to have the opportunity to invest an enormous amount of time in this, in order to excel from the very beginning in my clinical rotations. My long-term objective is to become a well-trained CRNA who builds a lifetime, professional focus on the special medical needs of individuals living in underserved areas of the US. Currently working in such areas in NYC, I understand how important availability of proper healthcare is for all communities, regardless of social status and income.

My first nursing job was in the ER at XXXX Hospital’s, Level One Trauma Center in NYC, where I met a CRNA who served as a wonderful role model and mentor. At least once a week I watched him in action in the trauma room, intubating and sedating critically injured patients prior to the physician’s treatment. I was in awe of how calm, cool and controlled he appeared in a not so controlled situation. I was mostly impressed on how knowledgeable he was in anesthesia. We bonded over our shared background in emergency care and became good friends. He encouraged me to pursue a career in Nurse Anesthesia as he thought I would be a good fit. Coincidentally, I knew I would be a great fit as well. This CRNA had also begun his career in medicine serving first as a Paramedic before becoming a nurse. Similarly, I worked first as a Paramedic and learned a great deal in this position - especially about Emergency Medicine. While serving as a Paramedic, I was accustomed to providing care for only one patient at a time. Nursing, of course, is quite different; as a nurse, I have become a master of multitasking in the care of multiple patients. I enjoyed very much serving as a Paramedic, cultivating my attention to detail, developing my critical thinking and organizational skills. I was proud of the fact that I felt confident in the management of a critical patient in an uncontrolled environment and I became quite accomplished at providing frontline emergency medical response: intubating, resuscitating and providing critical, always patient-centered care. While working as a paramedic, I also volunteered to teach CPR and how to use AED's in churches and schools in the community. As a nurse, I still volunteer twice a year at our community fairs to educate the community about hypertension, diabetes and other common ailments.

Once I decided that my heart of set on becoming a nurse anesthetist, I took a position in an ICU at a 350-bed teaching hospital in Brooklyn, NY. In this position, I was able to use my skills as an Emergency Room RN, while cultivating new skills in the Medical ICU. The experience I gained at this hospital prepared me for my CCRN exam and ultimately prepared me to apply to CRNA school.

I look forward to giving everything that I have to the Nurse Anesthesia profession. I also seek a professional lifetime engagement with research, particularly with respect to the study on CRNA’s who practice independently. I would especially like to contribute to research on patient outcomes in states where CRNA’s practice independently vs states where they must practice under physician supervision.

There are so many reasons why I want to become a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist but the most important reason, the reason closest to my heart, is that I want my daughter to see me devote myself to something I love, something that is worth it and follow through. I have an example to set for her and I know she’s watching intently. I want her to follow her dreams, the way I am following mine and the way my father followed his. As a family, we have been preparing for this moment. My husband and I have been working extra hard on preparing our family for this move. We have been preparing mentally and financially for this opportunity and I am ready for this next big step in both my professional career.

A woman originally from the Caribbean, I especially relish diversity and feel proud to contribute to that diversity as a nurse in search of the stars. I have been living in NYC since the age of 6; still, however, never forgetting my relatively humble origins, I thrive best when I give back to underserved communities. I strongly believe that this program can help me accomplish this goal.

I thank you for considering my application to Nurse Anesthesia at the University of XXXX.

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