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DNP Adult Gerontology, Leadership, Management

Updated: Jan 15

After acquiring substantial, theoretical, practical, and hands-on experience in the healthcare field, I am incredibly excited by the possibility of embarking on the next – and final - phase of my career. My fiery passion for nursing, coupled with decades of experience, has set me on the present course of applying to study towards the DNP Degree, taking my education to the next level, and earning a doctoral degree in my field. It is my sincere hope that my extensive experience will provide me with valuable things to contribute to class discussions and brainstorming sessions with my peers.

Now fifty-four, I do not see myself as hampered by my age. I am confident in my ability to excel as a doctoral student, powered by my diligence and curiosity. I hope to earn my DNP at Rasmussen University, whose mission aligns well with my ethics and philosophy. I currently work for Rasmussen University as an Associate Professor teaching ADN and BSN students. I plan to continue working in nursing education after earning the DNP. I am often complimented for introducing innovation into my classroom through various tools and activities, focusing on critical thinking and prioritizing through lessons that explore case studies as live-action scenarios. I look forward to assuming more significant levels of responsibility and leadership as an educator after earning the DNP.

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DNP Statement of Purpose

My awareness and passion concerning the medical needs of the elderly population have led me to seek further educational opportunities to broaden my horizons, thinking globally while acting locally. In my decades-long career, I have utilized evidence-based practice and research findings to provide optimal care and advocacy for my patients. I have worked on translating this passion into the classroom by incorporating new and exciting activities and tools and creating a dynamic learning environment for my patients and students. I find my true calling at the intersection of leadership and education.

I hold a master's degree in leadership and management in Nursing and have been an RN since 1991. I have enjoyed shouldering various responsibilities, including working in ICU, CCU, Dialysis, OR, cardiac cath lab, and serving as a nursing instructor. I have worked as a staff nurse, charge nurse, DON, CEO, and area manager. Presently, in addition to my ongoing devotion to nursing, I also operate my non-profit: CrossFit ENG, where I enrich the community by providing a free class to senior citizens three times a week. Earning the DNP Degree will maximize my capacity to serve as an advocate for patients, especially the senior population in my community. Even though several moons have passed, I have never forgotten my first nursing professor, and her engaging lectures inspired, motivated, and challenged me at every step along the way with stories and assignments based on clinical scenarios. Earning the DNP Degree will provide me with the most advanced and up-to-date education so that I can provide the same to my students through evidence-based practice and recent industry research.

DNP Adult Gerontology, Leadership, Management 5
DNP Statement of Purpose

I want to continue to labor to improve student outcomes and, by extension, patient outcomes. My contribution to my community and society is providing the nurses of tomorrow with the highest quality education possible. My long-term goal is to assume increasing levels of leadership responsibility in nursing education, sharing the insights I have gleaned from my extensive experience as a nurse in our healthcare systems.

Thank you for considering my application.


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