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DNP Nurse Anesthesia, VA Medical Center, Prostrate Cancer

Updated: Jun 19

I have reached a point in my academic, professional, and volunteer career where I hope to enter the Doctoral Nursing program at UXXXX’s College of Nursing. Throughout my two decades in the field of Nursing, I have seen an increasing need for research into and implementation of policies that would positively affect, in a sustainable fashion, the decision-making process for men diagnosed with prostate cancer. Moreover, my objective is to conduct research that investigates disparities in the treatment of prostate cancer and how age, race, and culture affect the decision-making process.

Equipped with a DNP and having a firm foundation in research, I will be able to bring my career plans to fruition, namely to lead a research team at the VA Medical Center and serve as a professor and mentor to other nurses, particularly minority nurses who are considering furthering themselves through higher education.

When I began working as a nurse, I was amazed at the diversity of people I served, particularly at inner-city hospitals, intravenous drug users, the homeless, and patients whose conditions were exacerbated by various social issues. Later, as a nurse practitioner, I went on to serve women with little or no health insurance and increased my understanding of their unique needs.

As a urology nurse practitioner these past four years for the VA Medical Center in XXXX, I have laid the groundwork for the focus of my research. I feel that my performance, initiative, and dedication to my patients are solid evidence of my ability to perform enthusiastically and competently in an academic research setting. I had to prove myself not only in my clinical skills but also in my verbal and written skills, team-building ability, and willingness to serve as an advocate for all patients. My quantitative and statistical skills will prove invaluable for my doctoral research. I have also been responsible for obtaining a neuromodulation device for our department. This device has increased our department’s ability to collect data relating to several patient conditions. As my references attest, I have been instrumental in increasing the number of patients per hour that our department can now see as well as adding non-invasive treatment options to our list of services for treating refractory lower urinary tract symptoms.

UXXXX is my only choice for graduate school. My research into the College of Nursing’s DNP program has revealed a curriculum with excellent breadth and unsurpassed autonomy. More importantly, and aside from being one of the leading Nursing Colleges in America, I am especially excited about the prospect of studying under Professors XXXX and XXXX as I find them to be an excellent match for my research interests in health-related problems of vulnerable populations and multicultural and elderly populations, respectively.

Twenty years of practical experience advancing my clinical abilities has helped to prepare me for the opportunity and challenge of UXXXX’s DNP program. My dedication to the patients of the VA Medical Center in XXXX, a willingness to go beyond my job’s requirements, and volunteering my time to reduce waiting lists and expand services, attests to my capability, motivation, and compassion for my present and future patients. No other field could bring me the same personal or professional satisfaction. I look forward with great eagerness to contribute that much more.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

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