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Explaining Low Grades in Nursing Personal Statement

Updated: Jan 14

I am a young, happily married Christian mother of three beautiful babies and I love my work as an RN. My Christian faith animates me each day to give my all to my patients. I have developed a special interest in Ortho-Neurological Medicine and spend most of my spare time reading about scientific and technological developments in this and related areas. I take immense pride in staying abreast of progress in my area of professional expertise. San Diego has always been my home and I had an almost idyllic childhood up until my early twenties, when my mother died of Cervical Cancer.

How to Explain Low Grades to Nursing School
Explaining Low Grades in Nursing School Application

As I watched her slowly fade away, I lived through such great pain that it might have destroyed me without my supportive husband. I gave birth to two more babies and had recovered by the time I started college and excelled initially. Just as I was starting the nursing track, however, my aunt who had been by my side throughout my mother's ordeal, was also diagnosed with Cervical Cancer. The world I had managed to rebuild came grumbling down. Before long she was requiring 24-hour care, in my home, with two new babies, and I was struggling to get good grades. I was a complete failure. My grades went straight down the tubes, and I did not know what to do. Finally, to salvage my career, and realize that there was nothing that I could do, not even 24 hours a day, to save my aunt, we finally put her into a nursing home, and she died one week later.

I feel very strongly that, for the above reason, my low G.P.A. does not at all accurately reflect my potential as a nursing student; I ask that you please take my extraordinary circumstances into consideration in the evaluation of my application. I have learned that caring for others as a nurse is how I can best honor the memory of my mom and my aunt. And it is the best way to assure my babies of economic security for college. I love being a part of innovative developments in nursing and medicine.

I hope to pursue the Executive Nurse Leader Track in your MSN program because I believe that this will allow me to make my maximum contribution to the systemic advancement of the nursing profession. I enjoy research and very much look forward to contributing to important studies. I promise to excel if given this opportunity.

I thank you sincerely for your consideration of my application.

Explaining Low Grades in Nursing Personal Statement


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