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FNP, Master's Nursing, Type II Diabetes, Colombian

Updated: Jan 16

The University of XXXX is my first choice for earning my Masters's Degree in Nursing because of its sheer excellence, reflected in its high ranking and the variety of specializations you offer as part of your broad-based curriculum. I also have several close friends who graduated from your program and only had good things to say about the experience.

Nursing Statement of Purpose Examples
FNP, Public Health Nursing Personal Purpose Statement

My parents brought me to XXXX from our native Colombia when I was five. Since then, I have had the enormous privilege of growing up like any other healthy girl with a loving family in XXXX, except that I had something special: being a Colombian Latina from Latin America, speaking Spanish and English as dual native languages. Since I have given my professional life to nursing and now very much hope to become an FNP, it brings me the greatest of joy to do so as a highly active member of my community in Tulsa, paying particular attention to the underserved, increasing numbers of which are Latinos, migrants, and their children, vulnerable people in great need of assistance. I feel strongly that the most significant contribution that I can make to my community is to help meet growing healthcare demands as an FNP, compensating for a shortage of or lack of access to physicians.

Nursing Statement of Purpose Examples
FNP, Public Health Nursing

I hope to open my family practice clinic at some point that sets an example in caring for the underserved and treats patients holistically, considering their family, mental health, and spiritual situation or circumstances. I want to give my life to preventive medicine while practicing nursing and educating patients about optimal health outcomes. I also hope to earn my DNP Degree after gaining further experience as an FNP. Teaching at least part-time would be another professional dream come true.

I speak both Spanish and English as native languages. A highly self-motivated professional, I have worked enormously hard throughout my adult life and even as an adolescent, preparing myself for a professional lifetime of nursing. I am well versed in the technologies used by the Public Health Investigation + Disease Detection of Oklahoma (PHIDDO). I have ten years of experience directing and supervising nurse aides, registered medical assistants, and LPNs in patient care management. I am a good listener with a steady focus and excel both without supervision and in a team environment – especially under pressure.

Nursing Statement of Purpose Examples
FNP, Public Health Nursing Personal Purpose Statement Examples

I look forward to extensive participation in research concerning preventing and reversing type II diabetes. Working full-time as an RN since 2006, my first year was spent in the med search unit, taking care of patients with multiple medical diagnoses, constantly improving the accuracy of my assessments and technical and organizational skills, and always taking into consideration the priority of patient safety and outcomes. From 2007 to 2013, I worked as a public health nurse in the immunization and tuberculosis departments. I served as a Senior Nurse in both areas, helping train nurses and educating patients, particularly concerning the importance of life-saving immunizations. I was a team leader in the Emergency Preparedness Immunizations mass prophylaxis for H1N1. In 2008, 2009, and 2012, I was nominated employee of the quarter.

Every five years or so since I was ten years old in 1983, I have accompanied my grandparents to Colombia as part of a medical and dental mission to XXXX to attend to the health care needs of the town’s older adults, working alongside doctors and nurses who are part of the International Lions Club in Colombia to help the elderly in their homes. I have assisted doctors and nurses since I was only ten years old, learning as much as possible each time. At first, I focused on developing immense talent in foot massage. When we returned in 1988 and th93, I was still famous among the abuelitos (grandparents) for my massages. By 1999 my grandmother was gone, and my grandfather was ill, so I made the trip to Colombia along with several friends who are doctors. Since that time, every five years since we have returned to XXXX.

I began my nursing career as a Nurse's Aide and became a Nurse Technician serving at the hospital. I went on to serve as a Registered Medical Assistant working in different clinical settings saving money to go to college. AT FIRST, when I began, I had difficulty getting good grades and working a full-time plus a part-time job to pay for college. Soon, however, my grades improved, and I earned an AS Degree in Liberal Arts. My grades improved enormously by declaring nursing my major, finishing my BSN in 2014.

I have served as a volunteer interpreter in hospitals and medical settings for XXXX’s Spanish-speaking community since 1991, helping with mass immunizations at clinics and emergency preparedness for XXXX County. Finally, I have also given countless hours to the YMCA Diabetes Prevention Program in Tulsa because I hope to distinguish myself in this area.

Thank you for considering my application to Nursing at XXXX.


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