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Graduate Entry Master's Program in Nursing, Hawaii's Underserved, Filipino

Updated: 7 days ago

Immigrating to Hawaii 9 years ago from the Philippines, I was always surrounded by my aunts who are nurses, both in Hawaii and back in the Philippines, making my inclination towards nursing always present. Hence, my greatest inspiration and motivation to become a nurse comes from my aunts who I consider to be my role models.

All throughout high school and college, I’ve lived with aunts who are nurses — one who had private patients at her home and another who devotes her extra time educating diabetic patients and their families. Oftentimes, I would assist my aunts with simple tasks such as grooming, feeding and just by being a friend for the patients. I witnessed first-hand how much the slightest compassion — a kind touch, a kind word — can have a positive impact and contribute greatly to the spirits of the patients. Both of my aunts have shown me how important figures nurses are in the community. The chance to impact the lives of people based on the care you provide makes me more determined to pursue nursing. I aspire to follow the same footsteps as my aunts so that I could also provide others with the same level of care and dedication I saw they did.

I feel strongly that this is the right time for me to start a Graduate Entry Program in Nursing at UXX. I’ve acquired essential skills and wisdom through my Psychology degree, internships in clinical settings and volunteer work to excel in the program. Obtaining all A’s on all of my prerequisites and maintaining a GPA of 3.93 while balancing extracurricular activities demonstrates my drive and dedication. My volunteer experiences with diverse populations in Hawaii prepares me for the Advanced Population Health Nurse (APHN) track. Furthermore, I consider Hawaii my home. All my family members live here and their support will greatly facilitate my being to make GEPN my number one priority in every way.

My degree in Psychology equips me with knowledge and skills to become a compassionate and competent nurse — not just tending to patients’ physical needs but also meeting their mental health and emotional needs so as to build therapeutic and meaningful relationships with them. My volunteer experiences have also helped me to grow and to gain awareness of the specific public health issues and social needs that we have in Hawaii. As a volunteer at the homeless shelter, for example, I was able to see the effects of health disparities up close. I came to better understand the challenges faced by underserved communities here on our island chain and I aspire to help them in all aspects of their lives including healthcare. Being an officer of our English-Language Learners Club back in high school and being a sales lead in my previous job have not only provided me with a solid understanding on how to build effective teams but it also taught me to be assertive, to have the courage to speak my mind, and to prepare myself to serve as an advocate on behalf of the underserved.

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