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DNP Nurse Anesthesia, ICU, Trauma Nurse

Updated: Jan 16

Before beginning graduate school in nursing, I wanted to acquire adequate experience in my field; and I have now been working as a nurse full-time for the past four-and-a-half years. My current position in ICU, since January 2009, is my most challenging position; it is here that I have acquired the entire desire and determination to pursue nursing anesthesia at the graduate school level. I have become highly skilled in related areas such as invasive monitoring, arterial lines, triple lumen, double lumen catheters, Swan-Ganz catheters, and Intra-aortic balloon pumps. I aspire to the role of becoming a CRNA because I crave both responsibility and autonomy. Most of all, I seek the profound joy of having the privilege of making the most significant improvement in patients´ lives by easing and often alleviating their pain and discomfort. My compassion and engagement are my most important professional strengths.

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I have what it takes to become a highly effective CRNA professional because I am a natural leader and a highly motivated person who works well under pressure and without supervision. I always struggle daily to give my patients everything I can to provide them with the highest quality of care possible. I am very dedicated to my career as a nurse and seek fulfillment and constant enhancement of my skills through lifelong learning. I am especially attracted to your program at XU because I am such a firm believer in the importance of hands-on learning. I look forward to learning in a state-of-the-art setting through your collaboration with one of America's finest institutions, the XXXX Hospital, with the only accredited nurse anesthesia program in XXXX County, where I hope to have the privilege of performing a clinical internship.

My life changed dramatically when I heard my first Code Blue. I stood at the bedside and punched epinephrine, then atropine: seeming chaos surrounded me, a patient in front of me with no pulse. As the bed rocked with each chest compression, my thoughts swirled into an organized dance, my heart pumping heavily and fast; the adrenaline pumping into my blood turned me into a critically important part of a life-saving machine. Since that day, I have found new epiphanies of dignity and fulfillment by practicing the art and science of saving lives. I am a compassionate woman who enjoys working in a fast-paced environment, always remaining calm, focused, and flexible in crises.

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My clinical experience began in the high-risk family birthing center of XXXX Hospital and Medical Center. I found myself seeking out challenging patient assignments and craving the excitement of caring for seriously ill, antepartum, laboring, and postpartum patients. As part of the OB emergency response team, I worked with CRNAs, helping with epidurals and cesarean sections. This experience led me to seek and attain a transfer to the Surgical Intensive Care Unit, and my dedication to a career as a CRNA was fortified even further. Throughout my career as a nurse, I have craved and actively pursued learning experiences and found my true calling in life so far by working as a trauma nurse. I feed on the rush to stay focused during emergencies and perform critical tasks. High-acuity assignments have helped me continually enhance my organization and assessment skills.

The only comparable joy that I have experienced compared to the ICU is my volunteer work in the community to which I have long been dedicated. I thank you for considering my application to your program.


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