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Nurse Practitioner Certificate, Leadership, Spanish

Updated: Jan 15

XXXX University is my first choice among post-master Nurse Practitioner Certificate Programs for several reasons - in addition to the location; most of all, I find myself very much attracted to the sheer excellence of your program. I want to take that decisive step and earn my master's degree in nursing at the University of XXXX and my certificate as a Nurse Practitioner, so that I may assume higher levels of responsibility as my career progresses, enhancing my opportunity to make my total contribution to Nursing.

This year, 2018, I finished my MS Degree in Nursing accompanied by 300 hours of participation in a Clinical Nurse Leader internship at Children's Hospital of Orange County (CHOC), among other rotations at various Southern California Hospitals. I adore nursing and very much look forward to devoting the balance of my professional life to nursing practice on both professional and volunteer levels so that I might make the total contribution possible to society and the community, with particular emphasis on the underserved, the main reason I am rapidly approaching fluency in Spanish.

My central focus as an NP will always be on primary care. The long-term health issues I am most passionate about result directly from poor preventative maintenance. One of my clinical assignments in the community was at a free health clinic where I noticed that most of the patients had many chronic conditions such as COPD, heart disease, and diabetes, and I reflected at length upon the many ways in which proper primary care could have easily prevented these afflictions.

I am an extremely hard worker who cannot imagine life without long hours on my feet; I could not be more confident that my assistance will be sought after and most welcome in the community, especially after becoming an NP. My mental health background helps me better understand the most effective communication methods. I am compassionate and a good listener, central to building an effective relationship that leads to a good nursing outcome. I prioritize empathy with my patients, especially since patients are more likely to be honest if they feel that their NP genuinely cares for their well-being.

I have worked with the mental health population for many years and have seen the tremendous toll that has been taken by the stigmatization of mental illness and the need for emotional support, often bound up with substance abuse. I have cringed at what I see as a lack of empathy on the part of our society and a generalized misunderstanding of those that struggle so mightily against a vast array of mental health illnesses, often doing so successfully. I have spent countless hours learning Spanish, along with nursing, one of the significant efforts of my life so far, and I have done this not because I am in any way required to do so but because it comes from the heart.

I want to speak Spanish well with my patients for the balance of my professional life because I enjoy it so, feeling re-charged each day by the intensity and warmth of their appreciation; I want more and more to be with and to help the underserved, speaking what is so often their language and standing by their side as their advocate as well as their nurse.

Thank you for considering my application to your especially distinguished NP Certificate Program at XXXX University.


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