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IT to Nurse Anesthesia CVICU, Career Change

Updated: Jan 15

In 2004, I ended my successful fifteen-year career in IT to become a nurse. While I had enjoyed my time with Hyperion Services, a job in which I received many commendations and developed many managerial, communication, IT, and interpersonal skills, all within a deadline-oriented environment, something had always been missing, a level of personal satisfaction that I could never truly attain. Following my instincts, heart, and love of helping others, I began my pursuit of a career in nursing. Indeed, I bring many highly developed skills that will translate effectively and prove invaluable in my future career. In truth, though, in my heart, I know I have made the right decision every day I leave the hospital.

IT to Nurse Anesthesia CVICU, Career Change
IT to Nurse Anesthesia CVICU Personal Statement Samples

This past year, I have been fortunate to be immersed in the CVICU working environment at XXXX Children’s Hospital, aiding various patients, from neonates to young adults. This work has kept me current in all aspects of patient care, my clinical acumen, my capacity to successfully multi-task, and my accuracy with patient history, charting, and other documentation and administrative tasks. More than this, it helped show me that my path must inevitably lead to nurse anesthesiology.

Pediatric Anesthesiology is the area in which I would like to specialize. Aside from differences in adult and pediatric anatomy and physiology, fluid requirements, and vital sign ranges, I am also concerned with a child’s anxiety before an operation.

IT to Nurse Anesthesia CVICU, Career Change
IT to Nurse Anesthesia CVICU Personal Statement Examples

I have found that my passion is in clinical pharmacology and the challenges in which a life hangs in the balance. I can imagine the tremendous satisfaction from tipping the scales in favor of the patient in these delicate situations, using my skills, education, and passion for teamwork to save a life. Coupled with this is my compassion and desire to make patients as comfortable as possible, if not bring about the cessation of pain.

To provide the best care possible for my patients and prepare for the CRNA program, I shadowed a CRNA - a recent XXXX College alum - observing and absorbing as much as I could and quizzing the CRNA mercilessly. I noted how easily my guide gained the trust of her charges, building a rapport quickly while simultaneously and efficiently meeting the needs of the multidisciplinary surgical team. Moreover, I heard only the highest praise for the College; the experience further solidified my conviction that I was on the right career path.

IT to Nurse Anesthesia CVICU, Career Change
IT to Nurse Anesthesia CVICU

Through an academic relationship with XXXX, I will be fully prepared to sit my NCEs and further dedicate myself to the nursing field in the most unique, autonomous, challenging, and competitive area. I look forward to regular mission work in the US and developing nations. I anticipate broadening my base of trans-systemic understanding and learning to include Eastern/Oriental medicine’s ways of treating pain and approaches to anesthesia. Eventually, I would like to bring my love of medicine and nursing to the classroom, teaching new nursing professionals and bringing increased appreciation and prestige to the field of nursing.

Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to a personal interview.


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