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Caribbean Applicants to Nursing School Personal Statement of Purpose Examples 

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I can’t tell my children to reach for the sun. All I can do is go for it myself. - Joyce Maynard


My ambition for following my dreams came from watching my dad fulfill his by becoming a physician at the age of 50. After bringing us to this country and working hard as a taxi driver to ensure his three kids were comfortable, my father finally realized he could fulfill his lifelong dream without jeopardizing his children's education. Watching him persevere through whatever hardship came at him and still being able to come out on top was the driving force I needed to pursue my dream of becoming a Certified Registered Nurse AnesthetistRead More

The University of XXXX is my first choice among DNP programs for various reasons, especially because of my profound admiration for your curriculum's comprehensive and diverse content. A dedicated nursing professional and a Haitian-American woman, I plan to return to Haiti as a nursing professional periodically after earning my doctoral degree. Born in Haiti and raised in North Carolina, I am not yet fully fluent in Creole, only able to speak the basics. Thus, I am in the process of recovering and perfecting my language skill in Creole and hope to be speaking it fluently by the time I earn my DNP Degree. Read More

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