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MSN, FNP, Family Nurse Practitioner, Iranian

Updated: Jan 16

I was awarded my BSN by the University of Phoenix with a GPA of 3.8 and made the Dean’s List every semester.  Therefore, I am confident I can complete the master's program; I always seek to excel in anything I undertake and intend to apply myself fully to do so within the program. I aim to acquire as many skills and knowledge as possible to become a highly skilled and effective Family Nurse Practitioner.   

My passion for nursing was fired as a 17-year-old when my aunt, the only relative I had in the US, suffered from breast cancer, and it was my privilege to help care for her. I was inspired by the dedication and empathy demonstrated by those who nursed her. I wanted to be as helpful in the community as they were. Following my aunt’s death, I had to support myself through the last year of high school, college, and nursing school. This provides evidence of independence, determination, diligence, and focus, enabling me to excel in the program. I thoroughly enjoyed my nursing training and knew I had found a calling and a vocation

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Asian Immigrants to Nursing School

Much of my work to date has been in cosmetic nursing. This has exposed me to child ‘cleft palate’ cases from underprivileged families, and I have enjoyed contact with Internists who have given me insight into their work. I now wish to serve on behalf of families as an FNP. I am convinced that the FNP role will enable me to meet my aspirations.  I seek to treat various patients and conditions and am very interested in preventative health education. I am also interested in the problems of providing appropriate and effective healthcare to a rapidly aging population and the new challenges that result. Coming from a culture where the elderly are seen as worthy of particular respect and care, I feel I might be able to provide valuable insights into this area of nursing.

My choice of the XXXX School of Nursing has been made after careful research and consideration. I am attracted by: the fact that I can combine FNP studies while acquiring the MSN degree; the breadth and comprehensiveness of the curriculum offered; the opportunity to undertake research within the program; the reputation that the school has for providing a supportive and challenging training environment; the opportunity to undertake practical training with a cultural ‘mix’ of people;  and, of course, the prestigious reputation of the School - all will maximize my ability to find suitable employment as an FNP.

 I aim to enhance my skills and knowledge in the program to equip me to become a highly effective FNP. I seek to work with financially challenged and underserved communities and establish a clinic in such a community. I am particularly interested in obesity and cancer prevention and hope to assist in research to provide outstanding preventative education in these areas.

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Patient anxiety is something that we face daily. I can relate well to patients of all ages, soothe them, and communicate effectively with patients and families. I have also become sensitive to ‘non-verbal’ signals when dealing with patients and reacting appropriately to them. I am a good team worker but enjoy exercising independence and autonomy.

As an immigrant, I can readily empathize with those facing the challenges of adjustment this brings. I was born in Iran and am fluent in Farsi. I have been exposed to many different cultures during my travels to China, India, and several countries in Africa and South America. I have happily studied, worked, and socialized with people of many cultural and social backgrounds in the US and look forward to broadening those experiences within the program. I enjoy learning about other cultures and sharing information about my own.

I know there will be many well-qualified applicants for the program, but I have the academic background, diligence, and commitment to excel within the program. My main recommendation is my passionate desire to become a highly skilled and effective FNP and improve many lives in that role.


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