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Nursing Statement of Purpose Examples

Updated: Jan 16

I have worked in the medical field for eight years as a Medical Assistant and administrator. I currently serve as a Senior Medical Secretary at XXXX Medical College. I have increasingly longed to become involved in hands-on medical care throughout this employment. Thus, I am applying to XXXX University to earn a BSN and become a nurse due to my deep-seated sense of calling to move in this professional direction. It has always had the desire to help people directly, and I considered becoming a Speech Therapist. I shall graduate with a degree in this area this coming spring. Nevertheless, several factors and circumstances have convinced me that nursing is my calling. Earning a degree in SLP has taught me many valuable things and will help me excel in my nursing career. I am confident that nursing is the career path that will provide me with the most satisfaction, maximizing my usefulness to my community.

samples of the nursing statement of purpose in nursing
Nursing Statement of Purpose Examples

I know that nursing requires particular and uncommon characteristics such as empathy, excellent communication skills, sensitivity to non-verbal signals, calmness under pressure, and the intelligence to absorb and retain complex information. I have carefully considered whether I possess the characteristics and potential to become an excellent nurse and have concluded that I do. I have demonstrated determination and potential in my life to date, earning my associate and bachelor's degrees in the face of personal and financial problems. I know that the program will be highly demanding and challenging. Still, I am determined to succeed and pursue my goal with the diligence, persistence, and enthusiasm I have successfully applied to my life.

My studies in Speech Pathology have honed my communication skills and provided experience working with patients to achieve challenging but achievable goals and working collaboratively with others. Many aspects of this training and experience are applied in nursing, providing me with an excellent basis for nursing training.

The location of the XXXX campus is a significant consideration in this application; it is the most conveniently situated training provider for my purposes. However, I am fully aware of those aspects of the program that distinguish it and feel extremely fortunate that such training is available so close to me. The opportunity to gain early clinical experience is undoubtedly appealing because the facilities are ‘state of the art,’ and the instructors are among the best. The college’s application of technology and simulated teaching techniques are highly developed and ‘world-class. I am also interested in observing that the program is designed to enable a smooth transition to advanced nursing training, which I shall undoubtedly consider if this application is successful.

samples of the nursing statement of purpose in nursing
Nursing Statement of Purpose Examples

I have the advantage of knowing nurses who have trained in the program, and all report an excellent experience in a training environment that is highly challenging but also highly supportive, which is precisely the environment that I seek and in which I am convinced that I can thrive.

Thank you for considering my application.



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